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  1. i dunno what happened to it, it hink i grew outta it n never heard of it again lol. and porkchop was it? ho schnapz i need to bring a dog along wit me now

  2. my friend konny (:

  3. hell yea dude was for a halloween party, QUAIL MAN!! (google it from teh cartoon doug)

  4. ah so youve lost the will to party?! that sucks! well im sure it will be the peak of your interest again some day.

    perhaps picking up the art of glowsticking will get you started?

  5. ah i see, well i hope you come back to the scene some day! im sure its a good reason why you left but im sure theres also other ways/reasons why it would be good to make a return!!

  6. hell yea, i will def try to make it there especially since its the same weekend. have a weekend in phx lol.

    i dunno if im going to wonder 4 now, it looks mostly to me like a hardcore/breaks party and its 35 bucks. and did you c the video? theres a thread for it in the freehanding section. let me know what you think!

  7. watup, awesome video, thanks for sharing! hope all is well and that you have a good day!

    ps. sick sick sick threading. me gusta mucho!

  8. like what it dooo u n teddy going to wonder 4??

  9. u peep the ultra buyers guide i released in the freehand section?? checkitout its got me n richard doin some freehand

  10. not much bro what have you been up to?/

  11. retired? :gasp: why??

  12. haha yea! amp'd mobile went outta businesss tho, so u didnt do a good job wit that commercial!!

  13. yo still editin the vid, any preference in music? i put some of the music we were listenin to on it right now but i just got this public enemy vs benassi track i think ima put it on there

  14. i dont know yet i am going to try but finding a ride up there is a problem lol. we will see what happens.

  15. word i chilled wit ted n crystal n etmos n my homie aaron at the grass area for a little bit, id like to call it the cuddle puddle area haha.

  16. lol where did u dissapear to at MM?

  17. watup dude was cool meetin ya at MM. did u do ur profile pic wit fotoshop? that shits baaller

  18. haha monster massive was sick bro, hopefully us az peeps can get together at myst or before delight.

  19. haha dude! good times at MM. well have to get everyone together sometime before delight

  20. hell yea man whats the next event u going to?

    freque man u missed out this guy gives one of the sickest lightshows ive ever seen.

  21. hell yea dude whats the next event u going to?

  22. good shit at monster man. where did you end up goin later on in the night? after i left that one time sorta lost like all of gsc for the rest of the night lol.

  23. good times at monster massive! i got alot of trail pics from there will be sendin them to ya soon to help out with ur artwork!