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  1. = In Spain

    :( txt meeeeee

  2. That's what I'm askin you! I'm comin home in may, got a meetup! it's in the Forums "MMM"!!! gogogogogogogo

  3. great idea! who knows what other Jaimison's could be lurkin--I mean.. other PEOPLE... could be lurking :P jk!

    Thanks! you too!

  4. Well, I haven't experienced a 'break' in a few years. but I get leave now and again so :). I'm busy, trainin. Gettin ready for our deployment... and shhhhshshhh! /whispers imforealz :D!

  5. What's up Ms. Lira?

  6. I'm good bro, just wanna know whats' goin on with you, miss you guys

  7. tutorials! and when I'm not deployed I'll make ya some and help ya out! and it's easy! Freehanding is harder :P

  8. hi! you should DEFF learn some stringin too >.>


  9. hmmm... prolly after next christmas. I might just make a trip up there to NY. How does that sound?

  10. hahaha! lookin forward to it. I got somethin for ya ;)

  11. when we get to party again! :D lol

  12. hahaha, soon as I feel like I'm good enough... so..... NEVA!!!

  13. Wow bro, that means alot. Especially from a gs.c'er. That's correct Marines. And as for you're friend, well the Marine Corps. tends to give us A LOT of confidence, as it should, the things we never thought we'd do. But it also depends on the person on how the pride is shown and carried. I love to drink too, lol but I don't very often (binge drinker) rah!lol

  14. >:o!!!! I'll be deployed for otakon! :(

    I'll pay for you!? lol..


  15. Like mid May I'll be back in Cali before I deploy again, bout a week and 2 weekends