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  1. As long and as weird as possible. Over the years that I've been stringing and taking breaks and coming back etc... I always come back to wrap combos and how fun they are. They just FEEL good. I'd say the "goal" is to keep it going and add in other concepts I learn into them. Like, I'll say "cheating" a combo would be one stick spinning a beat behind me while one is still wrapping and then continuing the combo. So, using what I just said for my goal, I'll use that beat to antispin into a different square (9square Theory) and then continue the combo in that different location of my overall space. Apply that to any other concepts I learn along the way. Manipulations, I'm finding, are more and more like mini wrap combos where I need to keep track of the tangles for an exit, should it present itself. I'll admit, though, that with how popular light shows are nowadays and how lazer-focused people are on ranking others and themselves that the ego definitely bleeds into and at times takes over the original passion that I had. I lose focus on my relationship with my sticks and strings and I start to enjoy it so much less. The crazy/sad part is that I don't notice it until I'm already there and either get a shock out of it or I find some other reminder. It's tough these days to have a personal connection with your flow when so many people are in it for the, in my opinion, the wrong reasons...
  2. Make an event page!
  3. WestCo GlowFlow

    Hey guys! Just wanted to give you all a heads up if you're near the San Gabriel Valley. We have a semi-weekly Flow Jam at Cortez Park in West Covina from 4:30pm~8:30pm. All Props welcome. It tends to be 2-4 stringers and about the same amount of hoopers. pm me for more info or find me on fb. FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1687769071446539/
  4. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    In my years, on both sides of the states, I've seen more negativity arise out of the "hate of battling" than actual battling. I don't battle, and won't, because of the culture here and how it raised me to view sticking. Which I'm still thankful for, but that's because I'm not a competitive person anyway, at least in a creative sense. The negativity that came with it was nothing more than the same kind of bullying/jackassery you'd find at a high school/college then. Just insert a topic, in this case glowstringing. Reading Zin and Danika's ideas; I think social media would be the perfect way to create the outside community (meetups/etc.) We do have a forum that addresses other styles of dance. Just maybe some more activity. Or even with the social media shift, re-advertise all the various topic forums we have/create new topics (hooping)... maybe not all at once. Just a more focused topic instead of "hey GSC is here!"and send the links in various flow arts groups that we're all connected to. But I wouldn't put as much focus on the progression of the art on here (being it's glowsticking dot com), but I'm all for being open and welcoming to all kinds of creatives. I'm sure a lot of us have experiences with other art that has affected our own.
  5. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    Ok, don't promote it here. But ostracizing them from this site/community because of any type of pro-affiliation with something that isn't supported here?
  6. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    How about a revamp of the rules that don't claim ownership of an art form? Ones that don't create an unwelcoming environment to people from a different angle of life/understanding, but are interested in learning. Guidelines that promote the art and how creatives should treat each other, giving us a chance to create a community where we all grow, share, and make connections on the exterior as well as in. And lift all bans that currently pertain to the old rules. There is a lot of experience still around eager for a community, but these rules take away 100% focus on glowsticking to the point the site is where it is now. This website started me on a journey of meeting people from all walks of life where I've come to understand that I won't agree with every single one of their opinions and still be friends that care about each other and can enjoy life together. I believe this site should be: - A database of information for self progression - A safe & encouraging place to be creative - An interactive community - A place to promote this art These are just my thoughts and I could be alone in this way of thinking. But it's my attempt at bringing back something that helped me in my life immensely, and I'd like more people to be afforded the opportunity.
  7. Recently got into gloving

    I've actually started messing around with gloving also. This actually looks pretty promising. I'm checking out the tutorial vids Good post!
  8. Sorry for being a month late! You're name does look familiar. But that's awesome that you're incorporating your freehand into it as well. Those isolations at the beginning! 0.0 I don't have much to critique other than it looks like your shoulders are the base of your poi for the most part. That's not bad for things like extensions, but the smaller stuff looks clunky, which is a bit jarring when your freehand was so clean. practice on spining from your wrists (they're already extremely limber from FH). Keep it up!!!
  9. Wow it's been a while

    It's like riding a bike
  10. Hello hello!!!

    So have we! which ones?
  11. Am I too late?

    Welcome to gsc! The site may not be a correct representation of the community, but it's still around. As Ph0ton said, people just gotta post. I just wouldn't rely on speedy replies.
  12. YES! I've been stringing since 2002 and I stop every few years or so for a stretch. And it's exactly like you said, Ph0toN, I never remember why I stopped. I'm sure it has to do with life getting a little too intense. But that's the lazy answer. I picked up my sticks again around Halloween, and I think I'm at a point in my life now where I recognized it's value. Everyone is different and not everyone's form of meditation/exercise is the same. I've worked practice into my daily routine now (before I go to sleep and when I wake up) and now it's what balances me out. I could go so far to say that maybe life got intense BECAUSE I wasn't practicing.