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  1. Hey everyone.. New to the site, obviously, and new to this whole scene. I picked up my first set of glowsticks about a month ago. Love stringing, when I'm not whacking the hell outta myself, working on the whole freehand thing. I wonder who all is in Arizona? I'm in the west valley and curious who all is here cause I'd love to get out and see some different things. Right now I dance on the weekends at a friends house.. Haven't gone to the rave scene to see what its like there.. Went to a rave years and years ago in highschool (lucky shit happens) and was just into the music.. Now I love glowsticking and would love to go out and see someone else who's been doing it a while! Plus maybe you can critic me on how I'm doing.. help me figure out what i can make better! Woohoo! I'm 23, female.. you can see more about me on my profile at Happy Glow Lucky!