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  1. He's not the owner. He's a spammer. Don't believe him.
  2. The thing about Zeta Phi Rho (that's the frat I'm an active in) is that you don't have to buy into an image that the fraternity already has. You can be yourself and it's cool.

    All the other frats I checked out...yeah I wouldn't have fit in, LOL. I'm too fucking asian to be in a white frat anyway.

  3. Hahah. Well our frat is a bit different. We aren't in the IFC Council (think stereotypical white frat.)

    We don't party as much as other frats. And we don't have a house.

    But yes, I am in a frat.

  4. I realized I never comment on anyone's profile. Now you are a part of my rampage!

  5. I heard you're doing the frat boy thing. Is there any truth to that ?

  6. hey aden! just to let you know i posted a new video. and i just wanted to let u know u inspired me to learn to summon my sticks! =)

  7. Yo! what up Aden!

  8. Yori's Room

    About ready to TT it out for the night...where's everyone?
  9. Hey bro whats up?!

    i got some new tricks up my sleeve!!

  10. mmmm, i see you checked out my profile early in the morning... didn't even say hi =(

  11. yeah. no scrutizing damnit. studyin for this exam, hardbody, too. crammin

  12. Good to see you posting. Keep it up. The eyes of the Ranger are upon you.

  13. AND NO i will not stop