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  1. Hey I know I'm not really a new member... been with the site since probly 3 or 4 versions. I haven't been active on here for about 2 or 3 years... due to moving and starting college. Thought I'd just start over. I don't think I ever filled one of these out. Name: Fletcher Braswell Age: 21 Gender: Male Location: Spring/Woodlands, Texas Interests: Movies, Hanging with friends, music, finding old friends, making new ones, getting money lol Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Not really a reader/Men's Fitness/Jersey Shore, Heroes, 24, FlashForward Musical Interest: Pretty much everything except country although I do like Lady Antebellum Goal in the next 5 years: Be done with college, find happiness, get a better job, get in the best shape as possible, improve my stringing Goal in the next 20 years: Finding happiness, finding REAL friends What turns you on about the opposite sex: face, backside, curves, tan If i had a million dollars I would: Pay off my car, get a house, go to school full time I am good at: Not much at all School (if applicable):Lone Star College North Harris Work (if applicable): HMS Host IAH Bush Airport I am on because: I want to improve my skills and get over my plateau of skill level My website/picutures are located: Facebook Describe yourself: ummm.. 5'6" Half Filipino, half Black.... anything thing else just pm me lol What do you do for fun? Be with friends... parties... dancing Random fact about yourself: I'm a perfectionist What you did last weekend: Friend's house... MMA What yo do when you go out: Have fun... whatever... dance talk about people Are you in a relationship? No Are you looking to be in a relationship? Not actively for now but if the right person came a long then yeah I guess so but if its meant to be then it will happen.
  2. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Real Name: Fletcher Location: Houston Region: Spring AIM: fletchlives81 Style: Stringing and a little poi GSC Status: Member, Not Active Status Comment: Haven't had a comp in a while and got busy with school.... trying to come on here more often