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  1. It's been a while...

    Not so many freehander about are there... I miss you guys! Come back!
  2. Hello family! I missed you guys! While I was at White Wonderland just the other day, I realized just how void the Freehanding world is compared to when I first started a few years back. Its incredible to me how much people have dropped off the sticking radar all together. I think its safe to say that at white wonderland there were less than 20 people glow-sticking, and that's a safe bet because I counted 3 total and I assume there were about 7x that many, just hidden out of sight. SOO! I wanted to reintroduce myself. My name is Out Of Control, my Internet handle is SystemiK (I used to be named as such on this forum back in the day), and I am truely an ataraxist. I like to think my style is somewhere along the lines of drunk meditation. I have made it a habit to zone out while I stick. I avoid eye contact like its my job and I am overall shy when I stick. I like to head to the back of the crowd where the open spaces are. I like to toss wildly and hope my sweeping arm gestures wont close line the people walking past. I like to stall on any part of my body close enough to the stick at the time, and launch it wherever the momentum at the time takes it... All in in all, im a bit out of control. But thats what I need some help with. I plateaued about 4 years ago and haven't learned anything new since. I picked up gloving about that same time and while I love it dearly, its not nearly as grounding as free-handing is. There is NOTHING quite the same as feeling lost in the perfect release of a glow stick, that slow motion, synchronized, precision muscle movements of your arms, legs and body, or catching the impossible toss on the beat like it was made for that song. Gloving is cool, but the fast that I have to perform FOR someone overwhelms me with pressure. With glow-sticking I can just do whatever. I would like to start making videos of the progress i have made over the last 7 years so I can get some feedback on where to improve, but I have never tried. What do you guys recommend for a cheap camera that can track the lights / backdrop to make the video. How does one inject an audio over the live sound capture? Despite free-handing for a while, I am quite the noob when it comes to showing the world. Are there any alternative companies that make the Hexagonal glow stick shape? The one provider in Canada either changed names, or stopped selling them I think. Its been a while since I bought anything other than the 99 cents store variety.
  3. Hello family. I found you again...

  4. No problem. anytime bro. I'm no expert in vinyl mixers, seeing as i mix digital, and NOT with vinyl decks. But i'm glad i could be a help.

  5. Woo, first comment.

    Thanks for helping with the Table issue, I think I will take the low road and buy stanton st.150s

    I figure that since mostly I will be playing digital with vinyl every now and then, there is no point for numark x2s.


  6. Lol, no joke Jun0, i was sure this rGS.C stood for robo-gsc


  7. ZOMG edc is close, then i get to meet you finally!

  8. I hope you give teddy a metaphysical kick in the balls... He needs it.

  9. Happy Happy Bday!!!

  10. happy bday dude have a good one

  11. my phats cost 100usd .. will be able to do any designs you want including the reflector .. plus shipping . it might be 150usd .. yea around that price . most of my pics are @ http://jitpunkia.multiply.com

  12. Not to bad, Dave makes me sad, but other then that im cool. Wanna talk some time? I need to get some things about this site off my plate...