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  1. So many new faces

    YO rorok bro i should be back in FL in a couple months for a few days. until then im still chilling in germany.
  2. So many new faces

    Been away from the scene for a while do to my work. and now that im coming back, both DJing again and all forms of dancing its very nice to see the scene still alive and strong, welcome to you all and look foward to talking with ya'll.
  3. Omar Santana- Hardcore for the Headstrong
  4. Name: Mike, Aka: Crisko (dont ask) Age: 21 Gender: Male Location: jacksonville,FL Interests:Spinning, stringing, Hunting, fishing, and the opposite sex. Favorite book/magazine/TV show: Any by Raymond E. Fiest, Folio weekly, Modern Marvels. Musical Interest: Trance, hard house, Punk, and old school rock.(none of that newer crap) Goal in the next 5 years: TO continue to prosper in my career. Goal in the next 20 years: If i am fortunate enough to live so long, I would hope id have settled downa nd have kids by then. What turns you on about the opposite sex?: I would lie if I claimed it was jsut personality, Its all about the smile, and eyes. If I had a million dollars I would: Start up my own buisness something that is not just a passing fad, and will be there when my kids grow up when I have them. I am good at: Im a jack of all trades and a master of none. School: currently takeing online course due to my job causeing me to travel. I am on because: Its hard to meet people in this town who have stick/string(lived in seattle and got addicted to it) my website/picturers are located at: No where at the moment but ill soon remedy that problem. Describe yourself: 5'11'' 154 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal, j/k, Im blond hair blue eyes, Very out going and friendly. dont think ive yet to meet a person that I didnt get along with. What do i do for fun: I spin and play games or just go up to the bar and chill. What you do when you go out: Depends on the situation, if its a lady, a nice restraunt a romantic evening, if its to hang with friends I normally end up spinning for them and generally party it up. Are you in a relationship: Not any more thank heavens( she was a obsessive type ) Are you looking to be in a relationship: Ahh, from one precious flower to the next, if the right girl comes along I would consider a relationship yes.