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    surfing and raving...becoming one with the music, fluid motion...transcending the realms of reality...engaging in deep conversation...experiencing intensity and reverberating positive vibes to the world...enjoying life with people who emit the open minded energy of hippies. peace, love and freedom.

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  1. Name: alysia Age: 17 Gender: F Location: reppin Florida Interests: art, poetry, outdoor activities, music, people, motorcycles... Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Go Ask Alice/ Surf/ Sex and the City Musical Interest: i little bit of everything Goal in the next 5 years: get into grad school after my BA Goal in the next 20 years: that is too far away to think about right now What turns you on about the opposite sex: handsome face, muscular body If i had a million dollars I would: open a club on the beach and make more money I am good at: lacrosse, surfing, raving, skimboarding School (if applicable): i graduate in a month, yay Work (if applicable): i'm getting hired at an ice cream store next week I am on glowsticking.com because: to read about raving and watch videos, maybe find some raves around here? My website/picutures are located: don't have one yet Describe yourself: i'm laid back, i laugh a lot, positive, i love things that glow What do you do for fun? party, chill with friends, lacrosse, surfing etc. Random fact about yourself: today my teacher told me she was going to "report me" , hot damn What you did last weekend: went to the beach, ate at breakers(best burgers ever) What yo do when you go out: watch movies, play pool, cards, beer pong, chill at the beach and play some volleyball and what not Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? not looking at the moment, i figure if it is suppose to happen it will looking for some raves around central florida so contact me if you know of any