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    I did a google search and just happened upon it after i saw the name come up in a video. Very glad that i found it :)
  1. bear blasting? as in similar to hump-catting?

    well, when god gives you lemons.....


  2. going along with your whole "hump-cating" thing, does the term "i go bear-blasting sometimes" mean anything to you?

  3. <3 Love muffins for you!!!

  4. Name:Alex (Greenvolt) Age:15 Gender:Male Location:Lancaster PA Interests:Glowsticking, Poi, most mediums of art Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: The Dresden Files (books) Musical Interest:Most Electronic music (specifically D'n'B and Trance:glowstickgreen:) Goal in the next 5 years: Survive highschool and make it to college Goal in the next 20 years: Maybe take a break for a year, go to college, get a job What turns you on about the opposite sex: Eyes If i had a million dollars I would:Buy some LED glowsticks, New Ipod, New Computer, and then just save the rest I am good at: Visual Design, Pottery, and according to some i am good at Raving School (if applicable): LCDS Work (if applicable): Lifeguard I am on because: I wanted to meet people with the same interest as me My website/picutures are located: on Myspace and Facebook Describe yourself: I hate describing myself, but people say i'm funny, original, attractive, but sometimes a little too loud What do you do for fun? Glowstring , Talk to my friends and my girlfriend, Listen to Music Random fact about yourself: Whenever it snows and then rains, my basement floods What you did last weekend: I was in Boston What yo do when you go out: Chill with friends or my girlfriend, find places to glowstring, chill downtown Are you in a relationship? yes Are you looking to be in a relationship? already in one