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  1. Props for you man. Come home safe and sound.

  2. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Hey everyone. Some updates on myself. Korean phone: 010 5246 6499 Skype phone/chat: 940 293 4048 / sasquatchpjohn **only available when I am on the internet** Location: Camp Casey, South Korea Minus periodic leave time, expect me back in the states early 2011. I encourage anyone and everyone to come out here and visit. This would be a pretty wicked place to have a vacation to, and you get to see me while youre at it. Any takers? Lol. **NOTE** I am 13 hours ahead of CST time zone. If you call around 7AM CST, I am most likely going to bed. And if you call around 6PM CST or so, I am probably just waking up. So keep that in mind, if you want to call.
  3. Just showin some love for our friends in the Armed Forces.

    Hope you're getting the respect it demands from everyone.

  4. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Another new phone number for me. My old phone had a disagreement with a wall, resulting in an inoperable viewing device, aka broken screen. Sasquatch: 1 940 206 5219
  5. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Hey Ryan, I have some updates for you to add in here; Batman: Location - Lake Dallas Darkus Marcus: Location - Arlington Style - also does poi Paradise: Location - Arlington Sasquatch: Phone Number - 1 706 496 9849 SeeYourF8: Location - Lake Dallas AIM - ridethejorge Thats what I remember from back in January.. Some things might have changed since Ive been gone.
  6. Post Whore Family V2

    o.o *hops out of the corner and onto the ceiling fan, and slowly rotates to view the whole room
  7. Word Association

  8. Word Association

  9. Post Whore Family V2

    Alright. *Sits in a corner and waits
  10. Post Whore Family V2

    Can I join in as the residential gorilla, who helps take care of making messes of things?
  11. Word Association

    Ducks! XD
  12. Word Association

  13. Word Association

  14. Word Association

    Staying 'Home' 'Sick'
  15. Word Association