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  1. please dont rub it in, i know i had to go but money was tight, next year ill travel to LA every once in a while, it'll be sikk to stik with u guys again, btw say hi to sh1n

  2. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    cheneric you should change the title of the thread, and include the vid in your first post, that way no one will miss it! ill give my review at night since i got to much distraction at the moment, but it was nice being in a collab and it helps me a lot to think outta the box!
  3. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    i guess i felt like bump this thread, cybrpunk, peruvian martian and i are in this thing, we sent the link to our vids, which are pretty decent, i hope this vid comes sweet! good luck cheneric with the editin process!
  4. im trying danny but money is short at the moment, the good news is that i got a raise, woohoo, just heard right now! the only issue is the place i will be staying at, hotels are expensive as hell!

  5. dont worry kay, if you need to talk about anything im always free, i love interacting and sharing with this community, you can pm me or aim, either way im online on my phone most of the time!

  6. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    oh shit, ill be shooting this sunday with cybrpunk, so hopefully you'll have a few more, can you tell me how many freehanders we have by pm, i dont know if i should submit a freehandin or stringin vid! depends on the count i would like it to be balanced!
  7. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    when is the deadline?
  8. dissapointed that the 10% coupon doesnt work anymore!
  9. dude if somebody kiked a staff member outta the chat, it must the be the one pissed that u cut your hair that way, roflmao!

  10. Yori's Room

    hahaha cleric you SOB in that party you were drinkin free!!! is this the legendary ZERO that everybody was talkin about at rais pad, the guy who actually freehands like a god? i wanna meet u sirr!!! 2 bad i left the ec 2 early!! the stories are crazy tho, much respect for you from everybodies mouth!!
  11. nop, i had a orange long sleeve shirt that was passin ultras to everyone!!

  12. nope thats a spanish team, FCB Futbol Club Barcelona!!!!

  13. so are you supraglow's sidekik or what, cuz in this pic you seem taller than that guy!! and fuckin killer!!

    lmao, hey when are you gonna do another video man? we need some inspiration over here!!

  14. its not about you but the rest of people in your school, look, seriously you look like someone that means no harm whatsoever to the culture, that's why you have to take word of those that have experience on the subject, dave could actually tell you himself, you wouldnt believe so yourself, but when your in high school you think of becoming somebody, those that play guitar just wanna showoff, those that play sports love it but often show off, i'm not saying that's in every school, but in most of them, popularity is a big thing, and underground does not mean just do it at your house, we incentive you going to real raves and practicing the art, but even in this situation some people create a lot of ego and turn into harsh critics and then battlers, that's why we dont approve raving at schools, because they dont know the culture!! you can be the sickest glowsticker but not even care about that, because you actually havent thought about it!! and it's not worth it!! just enjoy!! you dont compare between artists (who's better than the other), when you see some of the most respected artists, they dont brag on their creation, but they enjoy it because they love creating!! tell me what are your thoughts!! just do this, ask your friends what is raving, bring the answer to us, and then you can see what we are talking about!! glowsticking is a subculture in the rave world that comes from the art of poi!!
  15. Name: Norman Rodriguez Age: 22 Gender: Male Location: Miami, Florida (305) Interests: Girls, Money, Sports, Dancing, Cars, Glowsticking/Clubbing, etc. Favorite....: Book: Managua Salsa City Magazine: Honda Tunning TV Show: The Friends Musical Interest: play piano and guitar, but i like trance, hip hop, pop, rock, reggaeton, salsa, merengue,etc. Goal in the next 5 years: Finish my Masters degree in engineering, move into my own place, serious relationship maybe, get a hell of a job (good paying gig) Goal in the next 20 years: Be successful, have my own place, family. What turns you on about the opposite sex: ass, eyes, lips and tits. If i had a million dollars I would: Help my family/close friends out, invest the rest. I am good at: Sports, driving and helping people School (if applicable): Work (if applicable): Pipe & Steel Of Florida I am on because: i started glowstringing in 1999 when trance was a big thing in my country (Nicaragua), i was getting pretty good at it, i took a break from glowstringing (5 years to be exact), so i started looking for places that could help me improve my skills, i love glowstringing, i get lost in that world. My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: Outgoing, fun to be around, helping, caring, open minded, down to earth, sometimes bitchy, its hard to describe myself, but i would say normal!! What do you do for fun? sports, work on my car (honda), go out anywhere, music (dont care if i have to sing, dance or glowstring), love the beach, you can probably do more things than you think possible!! Random fact about yourself: i'm no quitter, and i'm focused. What you did last weekend: chilled at my house What you do when you go out: Clubbin, drinkin, dancin and back to a crib and drink, dance and joke some more. Are you in a relationship? Nope, not had a serious relationship in 1 year to be exact!! Are you looking to be in a relationship? maybe, dont know yet.