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  1. you're such a scrub.


  3. Hey, hope to see more of you on the WA thread ^^

  4. Name: Bruce Age: 19 in Feb Gender: M Location: Idaho, USA Interests: glowsticks, music, girls, psychedelics Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: hmm. fiction = echelon n/f = billions and billions (no tv) Musical Interest: All areas of electronica, indie, underground hiphop & triphop and other random stuff Goal in the next 5 years: hmm. this is pretty personal lol. How about a nice place in a major Northwestern city (spokanne, portland, seattle) with a nice car, a good dog and a great girl? Goal in the next 20 years: $2,000,000 What turns you on about the opposite sex: Everything. If i had a million dollars I would: invest I am good at: snowboarding, motocross, drinking, tech stuff, video games, reading, photoshop, web design, selling things School (if applicable): G.E.D, about a year of college. major is comp science but i'll most likely switch soon. Work (if applicable): webmaster, multivitamin salesman I am on because: i <3 glowsticking? My website/pictures are located: might give this out later. Describe yourself: 5'11' blonde hair, good build, intelligent, witty What do you do for fun? too generic. Random fact about yourself: i'm an internet whore What you did last weekend: uhh dunno if it's appropriate here but i rolled. What you do when you go out: depends on the weather. Are you in a relationship? nope Are you looking to be in a relationship? maybe but i don't e-date. Just wanted to add i'm friends with Biomecca. Been on the site for about 2 years now but started glowsticking 3ish months ago.