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  1. Wow it's been a while

    I remember those days man. The good old days.
  2. Yori's Room

    So like...yea...this is happening. Crazy Lineup. Heatbeat, Mikkas, Arctic Moon, Mark Sherry, Nifra, and I'll be playing as Static & Bass. There is going to be tons of sticking here. This would be a great event for all of us to meet up again.
  3. Yori's Room

    This Friday I'm celebrating my birthday at Club 39. Bryan Kearney and Indecent Noise is spinning. Pretty good combo for all the trance fans in here. We are opening that night leaving me open to hang throughout the night. I wanna do some hookah in the green room with you guys.
  4. Super Spring Break Meetup 2013 TBA!

    SSBMU 100%. Not sure about ASOT 600 though.
  5. Yori's Room

    Wassup guys. Spazzman is moving to Nevada at the end of the month. We are going to get together and celebrate with him on October 19, 2012 at Club 39. We booked Norin & Rad, Soundprank, and I will be opening up dJ duties for the night. It's gonna be a really sick event. Glowstick friendly and no dress code. Tickets are $25 and it is 21+. Sorry under agers, my company tried it's best to get 18+ but it was a no go. Club 39 is a really sick venue. It's huge and the sound system rocks. Here is the promo video for the event. Club 39 Promo Video This is the ticket link. $25 pre sale tickets If you want to check out the facebook event here is the link for that. Spazzman's Birthday and Going Away Party/Bash/Rager/Whatever If you guys have any questions you can call me. 917-456-7332. Text me first. I normally don't answer numbers I do not know.
  6. SSMU (Super Summer Meetup) 2012

    If Juany remembers to give my mic back, you can sing live. Dude's had that thing for a while. lol
  7. SSMU (Super Summer Meetup) 2012

    If you want any of them dropped Liras, let me know. We are going old school meet up style and playing from 128-147 BPM. So plenty of different style/genres will be played.
  8. SSMU (Super Summer Meetup) 2012

    I'm def free on May 12th. I've started putting together a folder of multi genre tracks. So I promise lots of trance as well as my lots of other cool stuff. Just like the old days.
  9. SSMU (Super Summer Meetup) 2012

    I'm playing at Ultrabar.
  10. SSMU (Super Summer Meetup) 2012

    I am playing in DC on the 28th. So I prefer the other two dates.
  11. SSMU (Super Summer Meetup) 2012

    As far as I know any of these dates work. I'll double check my gig schedule and reply again.
  12. Yori's Room

    I'm just really busy with music but I'll always come out for a meetup.
  13. Yori's Room

    Yeah it's pretty dead now. We hardly even meet up anymore. I think the young bloods should step in like we did in our days of youth and guide the next gen.
  14. Yori's Room

    Sup ECers. Finished this as a thanks to friends and supporters. Right before I go to the Poconos for the weekend too. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend as much as I do.
  15. Yori's Room

    Tune in tonight everyone. It's Episode 02 of Limitless Music. Broadcasting live from out studio. Come hangout like the old days of stickam. Tune in at 11:00pm Limitless Music WooHoo!!!!!