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  1. dude i love your youtube vids!

  2. so I see your going to UMF. i'm thinking about trying to make it out there myself. but that will be a long plane ride.

  3. mite have to come to you for this move i have no idea how to do it and whats it called -_-

  4. lol happy birthday man xD

  5. thanks a lot took me forever to make it by myself lol

  6. Btw, I really liked all of your videos. I think your instructions were very clear and that your video editing is just fine! lol

    I look forward to seeing more of your videos in the future.

  7. wassup! your personal photo is kick ass!

  8. whats up man? take it easy!

  9. I got through midterms and did better than I thought so thats good, lol! I'm swamped in writing 10 page papers and it's killing me... but thats alright. I miss you like crazy!! We really should get together soon.. I'm sure you'll do great on your exam though! <3

  10. good just a little stessed b/c I have my rating exam next week other than that I'm great. so whats new with you?

  11. Long time no talk, how are you?