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  2. Word Association

    Ice Cream (yummm)
  3. Post Whore Family V2

    erm well today was my b-day? wo0t friday the 13th. hehe. im totaly 16 now. dosnt feel much differant. no big party or anything, wich is totaly cool cuase i didnt really want one,a nd um i got money so im good. hehe. now im just getting ready for a speach i have to make for CB English. bleh. atleast it isnt on the day of silence. lol, that would be interesting.
  4. Post Whore Family V2

    lol aight. its all good. wow i wish i had mad poofing skills like that, but i have yet to master the skill of baby powder and fast movement. hehe
  5. Post Whore Family V2

    haha wo0t. that wasnt hard.
  6. Post Whore Family V2

    so...what must one do to become part of the post whore family?
  7. Word Association

  8. Word Association

  9. Name: Kurt Age:16 (almost) Gender: male Location: PA Interests: music, art, music Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: i like the "Rainbow Series" pretty sweet books by alex sanchez. Musical Interest: anything really accept rap and country. Goal in the next 5 years: i dunno hopefuly graduate from art school and find a job. Goal in the next 20 years: i have no clue. What turns you on about the opposite sex: umm girls are cool to hang with but i like men. lol. If i had a million dollars I would: by some coo stuff, put a little in the bank, and put the rest in some type of charity. I am good at: singing, drawing (kinda), and hopefuly glowsticking sooner or later (im a totaly newb.) School (if applicable): Highschool Work (if applicable): none yet. working on it. I am on glowsticking.com because: i want to learn to glowstick i guess. plus i think it looks really NEAT!! My website/picutures are located: on myspace oh course. Describe yourself: umm individual. i like to associate myself with the gothic subculture. pretty mature for my age but have my moments. no fun being a stick in the mud. What do you do for fun? sing, draw, hang with friends, take alot of pictures of liek everything. Random fact about yourself: im really bad at typing (grammer nazi's worse nightmare) What you did last weekend: went to a "show" What yo do when you go out: jam to some tunes. dance (if in the mood) Are you in a relationship? nope. Are you looking to be in a relationship? yup but not on the internet.