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  1. only little over a month till i get to grace seattle with my presence :), well be repin hard for gs.c at pirates :)

  2. dude i remember the red eye liner now... so yea.. not sure how i forgot -_-'

  3. is she asian or is she white?? the world may never know..... <3 babe

  4. This guy's a lumber expert! :o

  5. Word Association

    Beastie Boys
  6. Word Association

  7. Name:Nick or Fish Age:18 Gender:M Location:Seattle, Washington Interests:Musick, attempting to stick and string Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Snow Crash/Dragon/no clue Musical Interest: Just about everything Goal in the next 5 years: get my Bachelors almost done Goal in the next 20 years: no clue!! What turns you on about the opposite sex: hmmmmmmm, fun-loving personality, ears, eyes, and necks If i had a million dollars I would: Buy a house, maybe play in the stock market, get a new car I am good at: listening to musick?? School (if applicable): Senior in HS Work (if applicable): I am on glowsticking.com because: Saw the sight awhile back and just looked at the tutorials and floated around. Came across it the other day when a friend IM'ed me Ginsengs tutting video on youtube and well the rest is history.. My website/picutures are located: mymyspace. Send me a msg on it and tell me you are from Gs.c and i'll add you Describe yourself: Just a fun loving guy What do you do for fun? listen to musick, attempt to stick/string, rave, read Random fact about yourself: I am currently have to use a walking boot to get around due to my ankle What you did last weekend:stayed home due to ankle What yo do when you go out: mainly i just chill with friends, but i also attend a few raves Are you in a relationship? kinda ish not really Are you looking to be in a relationship? meh i'm not specifically looking, but i'm open to it