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  1. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    Wil, I still remember that Avatar. But yea, I'm still in Milwaukee. Might go to Cali during spring break if everything goes well, though.
  2. I stopped because the risk isn't worth the payoff. If I go to an undergrounder and it gets raided, I can lose my job. I have a dream job teaching that I've been working my whole life to get. So, no undergrounders. So if your life is stable and it's a risk to go, don't. It's not about being old, it's about having a better sense of priorities. Also, I find I can meet people better outside of the raves.
  3. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    Just flashed my face in here. Trying to avoid doing my homework, just like the good ol' days. Cracked a few sticks at a party about a month ago. Did fire poi at a few clubs, felt nice. ------------------ PS. I gotta add, GS.C fostered a lifelong love of dance for me. I'm hoping to see the Milwaukee Ballet's Dracula before Halloween, and I've been meeting some of the local professional dance troupes.
  4. Alright, so the question is... How much you want for these custom sticks? Or how did you make them? By the way, I love the typeo on "Proffessionals", it keeps it fun.
  5. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Bryan Weber Location: Milwaukee, (the east side is my new stomping ground.) Style: 60% Freehand, 30% Pure Funk Styles, 10% Strings