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  1. Hey I work at encinita's! We should hang out and start our own SD Meet Up together. I am tired of people not doing anything about this situation. Anyhow, if you are on Face Book, please add me: Alice Mishima

  2. you know your a stringer when... you have no problem walking through a circle of other stringers cause you can predict what they will do next and move accordingly you see kids at highschool graduation with honor cords around their necks, so you drape your strings around your neck because it makes more sense to you that way when you refuse to buy the only glowsticks in town because they are the wrong type of hook when you refuse to buy the only glowsticks in town because they arent the right color when you get patted down at a party, the security thinks you are wearing knee high boots because you are smuggling glowsticks around your legs up to your knee caps. when you have learned to throw a mohawk in such a way that you can conceal two sticks and strings in your hair to get them past security ^^ all true stories
  3. o= you're coming down to sd?!

  4. dude, we def gonna be there on the 24th oct . cant wait to officially meet u . i just saw you at the ultra circle, that was it . you blew my mind away

  5. yea, that was me with the mohawk =) hows it going???

  6. you're the mohawk dude arent you?

  7. lol don't worry swivel i saw xD i meant to step up every time consistently.. i just didn't know if you want to do it every time

  8. we just need to get the whole damn state together for a meet up or something of the sort.

  9. duuude i need to get my ass to phx

  10. yea, it was good meeting you too. Im not certain what my next party out there will be. probably either miles of smiles or fresh. if neither of those... then I will definitely be hitting up EDC

  11. Swivel! Good meeting you at Kristen's, man! Hopefully we'll be able to hit up a party soon!

  12. xD lol it's all good i'm always on aim so i'll hit you up once in a while lo0l

  13. I have it... but I am never on it

    my sn is


    I know, origional =)

  14. cool. I will need your cell number again. my phone is throwing a shit fit and wont turn on, so all past numbers are lost.