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  1. Back in February I met up with Rorok and we cracked some sticks and played with them. We were both so rusty it was hilariously pathetic. I recorded video of it but I don't think that video will ever see the light of day haha. In unrelated news I took up juggling in august and I've been doing that almost every day since. Wish I'd taken up that art form back when I was super into glowsticking, it would have helped my freehanding so much. I picked it up very quickly due to the fact that I freehanded for so long. Now if I start practicing glowsticking again I could freehand with 3 sticks and probably pull off some pretty unique moves. I'm already juggling pretty uniquely because I can't quit doing back of the hand stalls like the balls were glowsticks and I can't quit dancing with the balls! I miss my GSC.
  2. I cracked a pair of sticks last night for the first time since 2011 or 2012. I really don't understand why I quit practicing freehanding on the norm for so long. Perhaps its because I started listening to other genres of music that don't inspire me to dance so much. I love those other genres, but they don't have that beat, flow and beauty of EDM that drives me to move to the music. I love glowsticking so much. It's such a great way for me to express myself and it's so beautiful and feels so freaking fantastic - and it's great exercise to boot. Once I cracked the sticks last night I found that I just couldn't stop. I practiced for hours. I remembered why I put so many thousands of hours of practice into this art. It's a part of who I am. Just like painters can't help but paint, bodybuilders can't help but work out, etc, glowsticking is something that's embedded so deep in my soul that once I got going it all came back to me and I did not want to stop. I'm a bit rusty now, and sore too from so much exercise I'm no longer used to doing regularly. My left hand doesn't want to hit the angles I worked for years training it to do. But that will change. Once I shake some of the rust off I'll start posting videos again. Just thought I would share my excitement at diving back into this wonderful art.
  3. 2018 re-re mix

    *Joins the chant* Bring it back! Bring it back! I really miss the video chat sessions. Maybe we need to rig up our own unofficial tinychat channel and just link to it.
  4. Are We Elitist?

    Are we elitist? Over the years there have been multitudes of people who have called an elitist website. There have been multiple reasons for this name calling, most of which has come from an extreme misunderstanding of our views. This article is intended to address these views and shed some light on what we are really about. The most common reason for the name calling is that we have specific moral values, beliefs and standards here on, which are as follows: 1. We do not believe in battling or competing with the art, as it breeds contempt for other glowstickers, demoralizes others and judges that one glowsticker is better than another (which coincides with the very definition of elitism). 2. We do not believe in showcasing or selling the art by performing on a stage. Again the reasons for this are the same, as when someone gets on a stage they are automatically placing themselves above other glowstickers by being in the spotlight, as well as being on a raised platform where all attention is drawn to them. This also includes talent shows, which are not only extreme instances of showcasing, but are also forms of competition. 3. We do not believe in forming crews, which are a way of separating one group of glowstickers or light related dance performers from others. Crews, in most cases, are also formed with the specific goal of competing with other crews. There are those that like to say that itself is in a sense a giant crew, but the difference is, aside from the obvious fact that we do not label ourselves as a crew, that we welcome anyone into our community regardless of their skill level and we do not compete with the art. 4. We do not believe in being paid to glowstick, as this not only promotes competition between people seeking a pay slot, it also dilutes the art for the performer by making it a job instead of something done for enjoyment. 5. We do not believe that glowsticking should be done in a high school setting, including high school dances. Time has shown us that generally people in that age group just do not have the maturity level to understand the core values of the art. They either pick it up because they think it will make them look cool, or else they get made fun of by others. This does not mean to say that everyone in high school is immature, just that in most cases it turns out to have negative consequences. Many people seem to greatly misunderstand this set of rules we enforce here on The number one misunderstanding is that we apply these rules to everyone, which is not true. The rules only apply to people who are on It is a privately owned website and we expect people who use the resources on it to abide by our rules. People who are not on are free to do as they wish, though we will look down on and not support what they are doing if it goes against our core values. Do we try to intercede when we see things outside of that go against these values? Yes, absolutely. In most cases when we explain our values to those in charge of the situations we intercede in they change their minds. Occasionally they maintain their stance, in which case we leave them alone to do as they wish. To each their own, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, we will not stand for people practicing things that go against what we're all about while they are participating in our community here on Another reason some people call us names is that they think we're practicing the art for the attention. While we can't speak for everyone that's in our community, doing it for the attention goes against our core beliefs in that it's another form of showcasing. If you do happen to see someone on who is practicing the art for the attention, chances are they haven't been practicing the art for very long. The people who have been around for a long time and have put years of practice and dedication into the art would not be doing that if they were seeking attention and instant gratification. You can ask just about any member that's been around for more than a couple of years why they do it and they'll all tell you the same thing, speaking of the joy and beauty of the art and the culture behind it, backing up our core beliefs. There is no way to know what the intentions of every member on are. When we hear of someone glowsticking for attention we confront them and explain to them why it’s wrong, attempting to instill in them some values and love for the art. We apologize if you have ever run into anyone from who was obviously glowsticking for the attention, as they were severely misrepresenting our community. So what is this mysterious culture you hear us constantly referring to? The culture we refer to is in a sense a duality. We refer to the culture with the meaning of both the rave culture and the glowsticking culture. The rave culture originally came from a scene that was underground, in which participants came together to enjoy music, dancing and sharing with each other freely. The term PLUR, which these days is widely tossed around with no meaning, was used to describe what the scene was all about. It stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. In days past these were the ideals you found in just about every person who was in the scene. They were the embodiment of the rave culture: Be peaceful, don't fight with others in the scene. Love those who are enjoying the party with you. Come together for one night and celebrate in unity. Respect one another despite your differences. The glowsticking culture is in essence both a part of and a spin-off of the rave scene. It can exist outside of the rave scene, but the roots of glowsticking are forever planted in rave culture and thus the values carry over. Though the term PLUR has become diluted over time, these things are a large part of what our core beliefs here on are based on. We strive to hold true to what the rave scene was founded on. Does this mean that because of the respect we show for others that we should allow people in our community to do as they wish, battling and showcasing and so forth? No it doesn't. These things in themselves are disrespectful to others. While we do show respect for others, that doesn't mean we should allow our community to become diluted with negativity and then show respect for those who bring the negativity. We will not however, disrespect them. We will look down on their negative practices yes, but that is not the same as disrespect. When worst comes to worst the most we will ever do is ask someone to leave the site or forcibly remove them if they won't comply with a request to leave. In the end, does this come out as elitism? In our opinion, no it doesn't. All it amounts to is looking out for our own community and doing what we feel is best for them. Keeping the original core values of the rave scene alive in the minds of our members and helping them to pass this knowledge on to others who may not have been around in the past to experience it, with hopes of preserving and rebuilding at least a small part of what this wonderful culture was originally founded to be.
  5. I'm pretty sure the video center is broken since the update. Best to just upload to youtube and post a link in a thread now. Where's the chosen one? Where where?! *Looks under the rug* *Looks in the microwave* *Throws a tv dinner in the microwave since it's open* Oh there's that chosen one, hanging out in the drawer with the forks and knives and pizza cutter. How'd you get in there chosen one? Explain yourself! Have you been soiling the good silver again? Naughty naughty, chosen one!
  6. Back into glowstringing after....4 years?

    Hey welcome back! I remember your name from back then. Glad to see you're back into the art!
  7. GSC is not dead

    I'm up for it. But why would a non video chat be better? We've done both in multiple different forms over the years - irc, skype, aim, meebo, stickam, tinychat and several others. I've found that the video chats are the more fun ones, where we can perform for each other, teach each other moves and just goof around. Plus you get to know people better when you can see them, putting a friendly smiling face and voice to what would otherwise be impersonal text.
  8. Are We Elitist?

    Personally I have no issue with the rules being relaxed a little bit, as in not banning people just because it was found out that they were going against the rules. But that's only so long as they don't bring it here where the environment is designed to be a safe place where glowstickers can hang out together and learn without getting the typical high school battler treatment of being told they don't belong because they're not skilled enough. I've seen it happen here on gsc with people who have been banned in the past. I've seen it happen on other sites where they don't have rules of any kind. I've seen it happen in the party scenes. People forming elite little crews and telling newbies they're not skilled enough to hang with them. People discouraging others from ever really starting to learn how to glowstick because they've been shunned and told they're not good enough. You say nothing bad comes from it and that it's all in our heads. Let me point you to the best terrible example of what high school immaturity brings to the table, the story of how a girl was maliciously drugged by a young battler and her unborn child paid the ultimate price and lost its life before it ever got started: The high school battle mentality has caused the glowsticking scene to have an actual body count, which is very sad and should never have happened. That is the extreme end of the things the rules are in place to prevent. On the less extreme end, we just want to have a safe friendly non-discouraging environment for people to learn and make friends. Also Rorok is correct in that the site died out due to the half finished update that made gsc look like a broken site for years on end. The rules were here long before this place died, through all the years leading up to the peak of its popularity and afterward, and people kept coming and staying regardless. But the site got broken by that update and even I quit coming around because of it.
  9. What's with all the GHOST(S)?

    A few of them might be real people, but most of them are search engine bots of various sorts.
  10. I'm thinking maybe you forgot to post a link? Post it up and perhaps one of us will recognize her.
  11. Paramount??? Is it real?

    When I visited nyc in 2007 they were selling them there. That was almost a decade ago though so they may have changed. I just looked the store up on google and it's not 28th street but 29th street. Here's the info: Address: 52 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001 Phone:(212) 686-6746 I walked out of that store a very happy guy that day. This was my purchase:
  12. Southern USA Picture & Video Database: This thread is going to become the master database of all Southern USA pictures and videos. This includes parties and meetups, as well as links to glowsticking videos created by GSC members from the Southern region. All submitted pictures will be uploaded to GSC's Flickr account. Photos submitted to the flickr account also appear in /photo-gallery.html"]'s Photo Gallery. Please help us out by submitting pictures from your events and meetups, and by posting links to your meetup and solo videos in this thread. How to Submit Photos or Videos to Your Regional Rep • AIM transfers are the easiest. You can get AIM here. • A free account on • A free account on • A free account on • If none of these options are available to you please contact your regional representative. • Southern Regional Rep - Ph0toN Meetup / Event Videos Florida Meetup / Event Videos: • 12-23-08 - Miami Meetup • • 07-26-08 - Heaven 2008 Hollywood, FL Georgia Meetup / Event Videos: • Texas Meetup / Event Videos: • 09-26-09 - Texas September 2009 Meetup • 08-13-09 - Texas Mini-Meetup • 04-04-09 - Spring Love • 03-21-09 - Meetup @ Mizuumi Kon • 02-28-09 - Quarantined II @ Afterlife • 11-22-08 - Texas Mini-Meetup @ Grapevine Mills Mall • 10-25-08 - Texas Halloween Meetup 2008 • 07-12-08 - ASYS @ Afterlife (Sparrow & Doves Wedding) • 06-14-08 - Meetup @ The Silo • 03-13-08 - GSC North Texas Mini-Meetup • 02-16-08 - Texas Meetup @ Afterlife 4 Year Anniversary • 01-05-08 - GSC North Texas Meetup @ Sparrows House • 10-27-07 - Texas Halloween Meetup 2007 • 07-28-07 - Central Texas Meetup - Laser Tag • 06-01-07 to 06-03-07 - GSC North Texas Meetup 2007 (A-KON) • 03-15-07 - Sunrise Seven Meetup • 07-01-06 - Central Texas Meetup • 07-09-06 - Texas Compilation Teaser Meetup / Event Videos From Other Regions Southern Members Have Visited: • 11-21-07 - Texas Invades New York (Part 1 of 3) - Avalon Meetup / Event Pictures Florida Meetup / Event Pictures: • 03-28-08 to 03-29-08 - Ultra Music Festival 2008 Texas Meetup / Event Pictures: • 09-26-09 - Texas September Meetup • 08-08-09 - Subtexture @ Afterlife • 06-27-09 - Future Fest • 02-28-09 - Quarantined II @ Afterlife • 12-25-08 - Texas Christmas Meetup • 07-12-08 - ASYS @ Afterlife (Sparrow & Doves Wedding) • 05-30-08 to 06-01-08 - AKON 2008 • 04-05-08 - Candy Mountain @ Afterlife • 03-25-08 - Permutation Meetup 2008 • 02-16-08 - Afterlife 4 Year Anniversary Party • 01-05-08 - GSC North Texas Meetup @ Sparrows House • 06-01-07 to 06-03-07 - AKON 2007 Meetup / Event Pictures From Other Regions Southern Members Have Visited: • 06-23-08 to 07-05-08 - Texas Road Trip To Pre-EDC 2008 • 06-23-08 to 07-05-08 - Texas Road Trip To EDC 2008 • 04-18-08 - [East Coast] Candyball • 11-17-07 to 11-23-07 - Texas Goes To NYC 2007 You can also view all of GSC's picture sets on Flickr by visiting: •'s Flickr Sets Solo Videos / Youtube Channels Florida: Cjay612: •Cjay612's YouTube Channel CybrPunk: • 07-31-08 - Orbital Tutorial • CybrPunks Youtube Channel KonamiKode: • Luv2String: • MiAMiRAVeR: • peruvian_martian: • peruvian_martians Youtube Channel RaverBebe: •RaverBebe's YouTube Channel Rorok: • 04-25-09 - Rorok Glowstringing • Roroks Youtube Channel toastie: • Toastie's March Sessions Georgia: Here2Learn: • 07-24-08 - Here2Learn Glowstringing Solo Video • Here2Learns Youtube Channel ryan041493: • 12-18-08 - ryan041493 handles(oct) • ryan041493s Youtube Channel Texas: decemberscalm: • decemberscalms Youtube Channel DJ Broly: • DJ Brolys Youtube Channel djsparrow: • 10-07-07 - Aaron (djsparrow) farewell to San Marcos • djsparrows Youtube Channel fakesh0t: • • fakesh0ts Youtube Channel florasunshine: • florasunshines Youtube Channel L3th4lity: • L3th4litys Youtube Channel Neph: • Nephs Youtube Channel P4C IVI4N: • P4C IVI4Ns Youtube Channel Ph0toN: • 05-04-09 - Ph0toNs 2000th Post Video • 07-05-08 - Ph0toN Freehanding At EDC 2008 • 04-01-08 - Ph0toNs Freehand Solo January 2008 • Ph0toNs Youtube Channel Rodaner: • 11-02-08 - Rodaner 2 Year Glowstringing • Rodaners Youtube Channel Sage • Sages Youtube Channel Sasquatch: • Sasquatchs Youtube Channel Trance-Rckr: • Trance-Rckrs Youtube Channel Tyshi: • Tyshis Youtube Channel whiteman: • 04-14-09 - Whiteman Stringing One Year Solo • Whitemans Youtube Channel More coming soon! Please help us expand the database by posting up links!
  13. Please follow this general format when posting new event threads. You can copy-paste these templates into your threads, & fill in info as needed. Thank you! Or use this link : *Please note that if you do not at least follow the general structure of this format your thread will be edited. TOPIC TITLE: Event Name // Ages **+ // MM.DD.YY TOPIC SUBTITLE: Venue Name // City, State BODY OF POST: [size=6][color="ORANGE"][b]Event Name[/b][/color][/size] [img=Flyer URL - Post second flyer image directly below if more than one] [u][b]Line Up:[/b][/u] Line up information goes here - Please keep this to just the list of DJ's. DJ profile info should go in miscellaneous information. [b][u]Date / Time:[/b][/u] Date: MM.DD.YY Doors Open At: HH:MM PM/AM Doors Close At: HH:MM PM/AM [b][u]Ages / Cost:[/b][/u] Ages: **+ Cost: $** [b][u]Miscellaneous Information:[/b][/u] Place any information that is NOT covered in the other sections here. [u][b]Event Location:[/b][/u] Venue Name Street Address City, State [u][b]Websites:[/b][/u] Any websites related to the event like ticket purchase links or official sites. Please put ticket links before other links. [u][b]Roll Call:[/b][/u] [b]GOING:[/b] [b]MAYBE:[/b] [b]NOT GOING:[/b]
  14. Ph0toN's Weirdness Thread

    P-h-0-t-o-N-'s W-e-i-r-d-n-e-s-s T-h-r-e-a-d Oh dear, oh dear....What is this weirdness? I've written probably hundreds of pages of absolute insanity over the years but rarely do I share any of it with more than one or two people. So....I'm going to share it with GSC, a little at a time, as often as I remember to. So here we go, prepare to be scratching your head trying to figure out what in the hell is going on in my brain. ------------------------------------------------ Unknown Date: Introducing the all new toy from Hasbro! It's Stud Farm! Now you can have the joy of breeding your own horses right at home. Complete with realistic menstral flow and pump action ejaculation! Buy now and have it in time for the holidays. What better gift for the little ones than the joy of horse reproduction! *Semen and menstral fluid refills sold separately. And that's not all kids! Tired of Mr Potato Head? Well you should be, he's a thing of the past! Jump onto the wave of the future with the all new Mr Leper Head! That's right, instead of putting parts on, you make parts fall off of him! Buy now and we'll throw in a real vile of lepracy extract to share with a friend! Tired of collecting enemies ears the manual way? Well try the all new Lepresol! Stealthely spray your enemy with it and his ears will be falling off in no time, just laying there waiting for you to collect! Lepresol - It's leprocy in an aresol can! ------------------------------------------------ 07-05-12: to be frank with you I have to put on his clothes, but then of course I'd only be wearing franks clothes and I'd still actually be myself, so I don't know that I could ever truly be frank with you, nor you either, with me, for that matter. Attention! From this day forth let it be known that only three butt holes per week may be washed by hand. The rest must be washed with a stick or other foreign object. We are running out of soap to disinfect the hands. Thank you for your cooperation. I'm really at a loss on this P2P technology. Why would anyone want to pee just to pee? I pee with a purpose, to drain my bladder. Anything else is just pointless.  "Hey Frank I'm going to the bathroom to P2P." "You mean you're not going to drain your bladder?" "No, I'm just going to pee a little just for the hell of it, then I'll pee a little more later. No sense wasting it all at one time!"
  15. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    This, very much so. When the chat roster was on the main forum page we had random people popping in there all the time all day and all night. Without it the chat became a secluded regular group of just a few people.
  16. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    Just jumping in to say that I'm still here and willing to help in any way I can. I too am of the mindset that we need to do away with all former bans and revamp the rules to be more welcoming to people who aren't of our viewpoints while still keeping it a safe and friendly environment. GSC needs to be a hub for all things light dance related. As for ideas... An image gallery and video gallery back on the main forum page. Both of them make the site look alive. A new article system. Perhaps one that has a sort of wiki type of system where anybody can submit an article, it just needs to be approved by a moderator before showing up, and there needs to be a very nice discussion system linked in with the article system so that it blends in seamlessly with the forum - things that get posted as comments to articles (and videos or images) need to show up where people will see them, not stay hidden away where they'll only be seen if someone happens to go to that page. New or fixed video chat room. Tinychat still works good, it's just broken here on the site.
  17. As a lot of you have probably noticed, activity on the forums has died down quite a bit lately. Where did everybody go? Parties are still going on, glowsticking is still going on, but where is that great activity and discussion we used to have here on the forums? So here's my challenge to you: If you're lurking but not posting, try to make a post once in a while - every little post helps to make the forums more active. If you know some forum members who haven't visited the forums or posted in a while, send them a message and invite them to come back and start posting. A lot of us have made great friends on and because of, so let's try to keep it active enough that we can continue to make friends, bonds and memories with older members and newer members alike. The forums are relatively drama free these days so that shouldn't be a turn-off to anyone like it has been on occasion in the past. Let's attempt to revive the forums and get things active again with videos and discussion of one of the things we all love and have in common, glowsticking. If you're here and reading this topic, please take a few seconds to make a reply and say you're here and still glowsticking.
  18. New Here, And In Oregon!

    Hey welcome to! I looked to see if I could find any upcoming events in oregon for you but didn't turn up much. Your best bet may be to try looking up what clubs are near you and seeing when they're going to be having events. Out of several sites I usually check I was only able to find one that had any listings for upcoming EDM events, Hope to see you around the forums.
  19. Am I too late?

    Hey there, welcome to GSC! Glad to have you here. Yeah it's died down from what it once was, but there's still a few of us here popping in now and again keeping it alive. Stick around and post, that's what brings it back to life. There's not that many people hanging around here to comment on stuff anymore, but if you post videos of yourself, especially freehanding ones, I will personally give them praise and critique. So you've got at least one guaranteed viewer and commenter on your future videos here on gsc. Hope to see you around the forums!
  20. GSC Chat lives again! Yep, some of us have revived it, if only for a short time. Hopefully this can become a regular thing again? I miss hanging out on cam with you guys. Click here to join gsc chat!
  21. Archives

    I have the entire archive on one of my external hard drives (and a backup of it on another.) It's roughly 20 gigs so uploading the whole thing isn't really a possibility, but if you know what you're looking for I can upload anything you want from it. If you look in the "Overhauling the supporter media center" thread that's on the first page of the supporters section it has a list of what should be the majority of it (ignore the first post and keep scrolling down), minus whatever I collected in the years after I posted that thread. I uploaded almost that whole archive to rapidshare once and then about a year later rapidshare changed owners and deleted all of it. That prompted me to give up on relying on free file sharing sites to host it. At some point I'll start a private youtube channel and stick all those videos on it and link them here on the forum. That would be a years long endeavor but maybe I'll get motivated to start on it someday. Just fyi, a good percentage of those vids including most of the larger meetup and compilation ones and many of the older ones, are still available on youtube, so check there first.
  22. Oh dang, you're a world away now. If things go to plan I won't be in texas that much longer myself. I'm heading to the north away from the heat and humidity. Hope you're enjoying the east coast.
  23. Broly! I've missed you! Haven't seen you since a meetup in around the last half of 2010 or so. We're going to have to get the texas meetup scene revived again, I miss hanging out with all the awesome texas glowstickers. Glad you're back man.
  24. GSC Chat lives again!

    The best time to chat is always right now. I'm in there presently. It was nice in there yesterday, different people popping in and out throughout the day. Seemed like old times.
  25. The official video for the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Dallas 2011, which took place in Dallas, TX on June 18, 2011. Nearly four years ago Insomniac and Full Access teamed up to throw the second and, to this date at least, final Electric Daisy Carnival in Dallas, Texas. members from multiple states and even one from Canada showed up to attend and bask in the sounds of over 40 world renowned electronic dance music artists. Here at long last is the never before seen official video of that event, for your viewing pleasure. We invite you to take some time out of your day and walk down memory lane with us. This video is chock full of epic glowsticking, both freehand and glowstringing, and other dance related arts to boot. As a special note from Ph0toN to those that attended the event - I am SO sorry it took me almost four years to release this video. The video was 90% completed within a week after the event, and up until a few days ago it sat in that nearly completed state for this entire time. Between my job, flight school and leading a massive mmorpg guild, among other things, life kept sidetracking me until I eventually forgot I needed to complete the video. You did not deserve a four year wait for this video, and from the bottom of my heart I apologize. I really hope the video speaks for how much I love and miss you guys. will always be my second home and you are all eternally a part of my family and a part of my most cherished memories. - Ph0toN @ Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Dallas 2011 Official Video: