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  1. Back in February I met up with Rorok and we cracked some sticks and played with them. We were both so rusty it was hilariously pathetic. I recorded video of it but I don't think that video will ever see the light of day haha. In unrelated news I took up juggling in august and I've been doing that almost every day since. Wish I'd taken up that art form back when I was super into glowsticking, it would have helped my freehanding so much. I picked it up very quickly due to the fact that I freehanded for so long. Now if I start practicing glowsticking again I could freehand with 3 sticks and probably pull off some pretty unique moves. I'm already juggling pretty uniquely because I can't quit doing back of the hand stalls like the balls were glowsticks and I can't quit dancing with the balls! I miss my GSC.
  2. 2018 re-re mix

    *Joins the chant* Bring it back! Bring it back! I really miss the video chat sessions. Maybe we need to rig up our own unofficial tinychat channel and just link to it.
  3. I'm pretty sure the video center is broken since the update. Best to just upload to youtube and post a link in a thread now. Where's the chosen one? Where where?! *Looks under the rug* *Looks in the microwave* *Throws a tv dinner in the microwave since it's open* Oh there's that chosen one, hanging out in the drawer with the forks and knives and pizza cutter. How'd you get in there chosen one? Explain yourself! Have you been soiling the good silver again? Naughty naughty, chosen one!
  4. Back into glowstringing after....4 years?

    Hey welcome back! I remember your name from back then. Glad to see you're back into the art!
  5. GSC is not dead

    I'm up for it. But why would a non video chat be better? We've done both in multiple different forms over the years - irc, skype, aim, meebo, stickam, tinychat and several others. I've found that the video chats are the more fun ones, where we can perform for each other, teach each other moves and just goof around. Plus you get to know people better when you can see them, putting a friendly smiling face and voice to what would otherwise be impersonal text.
  6. Are We Elitist?

    Personally I have no issue with the rules being relaxed a little bit, as in not banning people just because it was found out that they were going against the rules. But that's only so long as they don't bring it here where the environment is designed to be a safe place where glowstickers can hang out together and learn without getting the typical high school battler treatment of being told they don't belong because they're not skilled enough. I've seen it happen here on gsc with people who have been banned in the past. I've seen it happen on other sites where they don't have rules of any kind. I've seen it happen in the party scenes. People forming elite little crews and telling newbies they're not skilled enough to hang with them. People discouraging others from ever really starting to learn how to glowstick because they've been shunned and told they're not good enough. You say nothing bad comes from it and that it's all in our heads. Let me point you to the best terrible example of what high school immaturity brings to the table, the story of how a girl was maliciously drugged by a young battler and her unborn child paid the ultimate price and lost its life before it ever got started: The high school battle mentality has caused the glowsticking scene to have an actual body count, which is very sad and should never have happened. That is the extreme end of the things the rules are in place to prevent. On the less extreme end, we just want to have a safe friendly non-discouraging environment for people to learn and make friends. Also Rorok is correct in that the site died out due to the half finished update that made gsc look like a broken site for years on end. The rules were here long before this place died, through all the years leading up to the peak of its popularity and afterward, and people kept coming and staying regardless. But the site got broken by that update and even I quit coming around because of it.
  7. What's with all the GHOST(S)?

    A few of them might be real people, but most of them are search engine bots of various sorts.
  8. I'm thinking maybe you forgot to post a link? Post it up and perhaps one of us will recognize her.
  9. Paramount??? Is it real?

    When I visited nyc in 2007 they were selling them there. That was almost a decade ago though so they may have changed. I just looked the store up on google and it's not 28th street but 29th street. Here's the info: Address: 52 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001 Phone:(212) 686-6746 I walked out of that store a very happy guy that day. This was my purchase:
  10. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    This, very much so. When the chat roster was on the main forum page we had random people popping in there all the time all day and all night. Without it the chat became a secluded regular group of just a few people.
  11. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    Just jumping in to say that I'm still here and willing to help in any way I can. I too am of the mindset that we need to do away with all former bans and revamp the rules to be more welcoming to people who aren't of our viewpoints while still keeping it a safe and friendly environment. GSC needs to be a hub for all things light dance related. As for ideas... An image gallery and video gallery back on the main forum page. Both of them make the site look alive. A new article system. Perhaps one that has a sort of wiki type of system where anybody can submit an article, it just needs to be approved by a moderator before showing up, and there needs to be a very nice discussion system linked in with the article system so that it blends in seamlessly with the forum - things that get posted as comments to articles (and videos or images) need to show up where people will see them, not stay hidden away where they'll only be seen if someone happens to go to that page. New or fixed video chat room. Tinychat still works good, it's just broken here on the site.
  12. New Here, And In Oregon!

    Hey welcome to! I looked to see if I could find any upcoming events in oregon for you but didn't turn up much. Your best bet may be to try looking up what clubs are near you and seeing when they're going to be having events. Out of several sites I usually check I was only able to find one that had any listings for upcoming EDM events, Hope to see you around the forums.
  13. Am I too late?

    Hey there, welcome to GSC! Glad to have you here. Yeah it's died down from what it once was, but there's still a few of us here popping in now and again keeping it alive. Stick around and post, that's what brings it back to life. There's not that many people hanging around here to comment on stuff anymore, but if you post videos of yourself, especially freehanding ones, I will personally give them praise and critique. So you've got at least one guaranteed viewer and commenter on your future videos here on gsc. Hope to see you around the forums!
  14. Archives

    I have the entire archive on one of my external hard drives (and a backup of it on another.) It's roughly 20 gigs so uploading the whole thing isn't really a possibility, but if you know what you're looking for I can upload anything you want from it. If you look in the "Overhauling the supporter media center" thread that's on the first page of the supporters section it has a list of what should be the majority of it (ignore the first post and keep scrolling down), minus whatever I collected in the years after I posted that thread. I uploaded almost that whole archive to rapidshare once and then about a year later rapidshare changed owners and deleted all of it. That prompted me to give up on relying on free file sharing sites to host it. At some point I'll start a private youtube channel and stick all those videos on it and link them here on the forum. That would be a years long endeavor but maybe I'll get motivated to start on it someday. Just fyi, a good percentage of those vids including most of the larger meetup and compilation ones and many of the older ones, are still available on youtube, so check there first.
  15. Oh dang, you're a world away now. If things go to plan I won't be in texas that much longer myself. I'm heading to the north away from the heat and humidity. Hope you're enjoying the east coast.