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  1. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Scottie K Location: Loveland/FoCo Style: Stringing/Freehand/Colorful Hair
  2. Zombie Bloodstorm its a mix i found of Sandstorm, Zombie Nation, and Blood Rave from Blade its pretty much the coolest ever but not progressive enough for me
  3. way to suck at typing there retard haha just playin buddie
  4. Name:Scottie K Age:15 Gender:Male Location: Colorado Interests: Glowsticking/stringing, Theatre, Music, Arts Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: The Colbert Report Musical Interest: Yes, i love music Goal in the next 5 years: graduate Goal in the next 20 years: survive What turns you on about the opposite sex: like to cuddle If i had a million dollars I would:buy a vrapload of glowsticks I am good at: tying my shoes in the morning School (if applicable): high school, LHS Work (if applicable): home web design I am on because: i love the culture and the people that follow it My website/picutures are located: myspace Describe yourself:tall, not shy, hyper What do you do for fun? play guitar, hang with friends, snort pixie sticks Random fact about yourself: i got my finger split open when i was three and now it looks like someone's ass cheeks What you did last weekend: Went to a dance and stringed with some people What yo do when you go out:partay Are you in a relationship? just broke up a week ago Are you looking to be in a relationship?maybe