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  1. Name:Tom Age:15 Gender:male Location:colorado Interests:other than glowstrining druming, cars Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:book:none magizine:rolling stone tv show:surs Musical Interest:just about anything except rap Goal in the next 5 years:be in college Goal in the next 20 years:have a carrer of some sort What turns you on about the opposite sex:a lot of things If i had a million dollars I would:good question I am good at:not much School (if applicable):high school Work (if applicable):none I am on because: i love to glowstring My website/picutures are located:i don't have one yet Describe yourself:a little bit of everything What do you do for fun?glowstring Random fact about yourself:i use short division instead of long What you did last weekend: drumming and drivers ed What yo do when you go out:just hang out some where Are you in a relationship?yes Are you looking to be in a relationship?no