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  1. you were at satisfied 2.0.....weren't you?
  2. east side, by the lake...

    where you at?

  3. bear blasting? as in similar to hump-catting?

    well, when god gives you lemons.....


  4. Name: kyle Age:21 Gender:male Location:waukesha WI Interests:dancing, drawing,(more like doodling) cooking, talking, you name it Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:book?jonathan livington seagull.....that and where the wild things are Musical Interest:all sorts......except country Goal in the next 5 years:living back in milwaukee, enjoying life on the east side, maybe more college, not too sure Goal in the next 20 years: who knows What turns you on about the opposite sex:um........the stomach, not to skinny, but definitely not to chubby, a nice middle If i had a million dollars I would:have a million dollars I am good at:many things, but i never really excel at one thing School (if applicable):WCTC, done Work (if applicable):Chili's bar and grill, doing everything except bartend(for the moment,) and serving I am on glowsticking.com because:i LOVE dancing.....it's my centering point, and i feel the need to find others who maybe feel the same way, and would like to share and learn My website/picutures are located: myspace, like most other web junkies Describe yourself: well, my friend brian said im like a downed electrical wire.....fun to watch from AFAR What do you do for fun? anything condusive to long life Random fact about yourself: my ears are the highest holes on my head What you did last weekend: laundry, and partied What yo do when you go out: anything Are you in a relationship? nope Are you looking to be in a relationship? i can keep myself together, let alone a relationship