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  1. you were at satisfied 2.0.....weren't you?
  2. East Troy. That's in Walwaorth county. About 45 minutes south of Milwaukee. Since you're on the esat side, maybe we'll run into each other sometime.

  3. east side, by the lake...

    where you at?

  4. Hey, which part of the Mil are you from?

  5. bear blasting? as in similar to hump-catting?

    well, when god gives you lemons.....


  6. going along with your whole "hump-cating" thing, does the term "i go bear-blasting sometimes" mean anything to you?

  7. Name: kyle Age:21 Gender:male Location:waukesha WI Interests:dancing, drawing,(more like doodling) cooking, talking, you name it Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:book?jonathan livington seagull.....that and where the wild things are Musical Interest:all sorts......except country Goal in the next 5 years:living back in milwaukee, enjoying life on the east side, maybe more college, not too sure Goal in the next 20 years: who knows What turns you on about the opposite sex:um........the stomach, not to skinny, but definitely not to chubby, a nice middle If i had a million dollars I would:have a million dollars I am good at:many things, but i never really excel at one thing School (if applicable):WCTC, done Work (if applicable):Chili's bar and grill, doing everything except bartend(for the moment,) and serving I am on glowsticking.com because:i LOVE dancing.....it's my centering point, and i feel the need to find others who maybe feel the same way, and would like to share and learn My website/picutures are located: myspace, like most other web junkies Describe yourself: well, my friend brian said im like a downed electrical wire.....fun to watch from AFAR What do you do for fun? anything condusive to long life Random fact about yourself: my ears are the highest holes on my head What you did last weekend: laundry, and partied What yo do when you go out: anything Are you in a relationship? nope Are you looking to be in a relationship? i can keep myself together, let alone a relationship