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  1. I'm probably a few years late with this post but here goes:


    Try out behind the back helicopters (btb) grids

    elbow stalls/elbow taps elbow pit stalls

    Behind the head catches.  One of my favs is the elbow tap to behind the head catch, exit into head trace.

    Hand stall slaps (Go into normal hand stall, then use the opposite hand to slap the glowstick in the air into vertical heli) Classic Nmestar99 move

    Combining head traces and stomach traces into more elaborate trace patterns

    Thread traces (Watch Madraverrai vids)

    Split time opposite direction stomach and head traces

    One handed juggles and air traces (Tracing the glowstick around in a smooth circle as the other glowstick is in the air) 

    Helicopter/Inverted Helicopter with arm extensions.

  2. 26 soon to be 27 and still doing the damn thing. Been raving since 03. Seen a lot of people come and go in this scene, but managed to retain a few friends as well. Not sure when I'll quit, but I will say that if it wasn't for glowsticking I'd probably wouldn't have been it for nearly as long as I have. Yeah the Norcal scene hasn't really all been that great this year, but there's been a couple of small undergrounds I attended that kept the good times alive.

  3. Pretty cool vid. One little criticism though. I think the flames on the sticks were a little too big. I think if you guys experimented with different burning oils as well as different amounts of oil on the sticks/wicks, you'd be able to make a more concentrated and smaller flame burning. I only say this because I think the large flames tend to take away from the traces and trails you guys are doing. Having a more concentrated flame like an ultra would, imo, be more visually pleasing.


    But sick moves and great job in pushing freehand further. I would def hope to try this out someday myself, after I've gotten more practice.