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  1. Natural Burn

    Hey all. Just shot and edited a new vid, this time of the fire persuasion. Hope you enjoy, comments/critiques welcome.
  2. Alright, glad to see this place isn't 100% dead. I'll keep that suggestion in mind, I've def worried more about shoulder/arm movement than wrists.
  3. I'm probably a few years late with this post but here goes: Try out behind the back helicopters (btb) grids elbow stalls/elbow taps elbow pit stalls Behind the head catches. One of my favs is the elbow tap to behind the head catch, exit into head trace. Hand stall slaps (Go into normal hand stall, then use the opposite hand to slap the glowstick in the air into vertical heli) Classic Nmestar99 move Combining head traces and stomach traces into more elaborate trace patterns Thread traces (Watch Madraverrai vids) Split time opposite direction stomach and head traces One handed juggles and air traces (Tracing the glowstick around in a smooth circle as the other glowstick is in the air) Helicopter/Inverted Helicopter with arm extensions.
  4. Hey all, don't know if anyone remembers me but I used to be active in GSC's Norcal community. Was a big freehander then but I've made the switch to glowstringing and poi these past few years. Anywho, here's a new stringing video I've put together. Any comments/criticisms welcome.
  5. Yo man! So i cant wait to session with you and globalj the next time i can make it to cali. Buuut it prolly wont be til edc or lovefest next year. And yes, i submitted to the hybrid; im fairly certain youre gonna be very excite when you see it ^,^

  6. 26 soon to be 27 and still doing the damn thing. Been raving since 03. Seen a lot of people come and go in this scene, but managed to retain a few friends as well. Not sure when I'll quit, but I will say that if it wasn't for glowsticking I'd probably wouldn't have been it for nearly as long as I have. Yeah the Norcal scene hasn't really all been that great this year, but there's been a couple of small undergrounds I attended that kept the good times alive.
  7. Still working on those damn dual time crossover wraps. Managed to do it once tonight. Also gotten better at my wallplane split time wraps and 3 beat TTN. Will be working on btb wallplane 2bt weave soon. I already know that's gonna take a while to learn.
  8. Just started doing the 5 beat forward weave today. It's still not something I have down entirely but it was a serious morale booster to be able do to it clean on both sides a couple times. I've cleaned up my btb reverse weaves and am getting better at integrating my split time wraps with my other wraps and traces. Next move I'm learning is dual time crossover wraps. Thought I was doing them already but turned out to only be double bicep wraps. Also learned a new freehand transition and am working on cleaning that up.
  9. i thought you told me your screename was Zohan . i was like WOW nice

  10. No prob about the ultras man, I just wished you hadn't passed out last night so you could have put them to good use. Thanks again for letting me and my coz crash. You and Steph make awesome hosts. Cya again soon...

  11. Hey Patrick, glad you liked the tosses, I learned good from nmestar, lol. During my whole time raving, I've only been to one socal party. It's a bit far for me, but I would like to go to a decent socal underground sometime. I'll let you know if I figure something out. You Socalers know how to get down. :D

  12. Thanks for those ultras man, haven't had the chance to crack them yet but i may have a little session with them. Hit me up when you can roll through next.

  13. Zharen! Dude, it was great meeting you at the after party!! Your tosses are ridiculous!! Definitely a great rep of NorCal's style of sticking. Any chances of running into you at any parties here in SoCal?

  14. Stefan Anion-Orion's Belt One of the best progressive trance tracks I have ever laid ears on. d*_*b