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  1. <44 miss jooz ^>^

  2. Hai! whats new bro? not alot here i got vegas studios 8.0 i havent looked @ it yet but i'll check it out thanks for the advise on video editing software ^.^

  3. dude what happen to ya?

  4. i miss mai best friend.

  5. /lickface


    HAi you cant talk back :/ lulz ^.^

  6. lovefest sanfran kgo!

  7. *glooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomp*

  8. whens our next event yo . hopefully we get to chill again soon

  9. /wave hi jinn! oh n tells fuzzy-hat i says hi too!

  10. omgwhat! /licksuckbite back!

    and a tackle hug!

  11. /licksuckbite

  12. /wave and hug!

  13. Jeff jeff jeff. It was a pleasure meeting you even tho it was briefly. BUT i do have to say i was amazed at your freehanding. Keep it up man hopefully i'll see you @ MM? ^.^ if not talk to you later and see you around ^.^

  14. Greens it was a pleasure meeting you @ edc !!