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  1. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I'm back I forgot my password...LOLs. Back for meet ups
  2. I'm last!! what do i win??
  3. Southern USA Regional Information Directory

    Ph0t0n, what happened to Autumn Music Fest in Ft Lauderdale this year that was supposeed to be on November 21st?? I tried searching here nad on google - no luck Any input would be great!
  4. Midnight Syndicate - Vampyre OK I know...It's October and it's late (12 AM) Some spooky music to get me in the Halloween mood. Bwa ha hahahahaaa!!
  5. Yeah, Cyber's right. Green and blue 'novelty' grade glowsticks last the longest, and I think are good for practicing....but like he said, they are sensitive to UV (blacklight). What you could do with dead sticks, is practice w/ them under a flourescent UV (blacklight) tube, and they will glow a little bit, b/c of the dye used to make the different colors. Just my 2 cents.