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  1. *+*It has been a month since I have written you on here but during this month that passed I have grown closer to you then ever before... I want to thank you for standing by my side through our hard times... that is true love if you are always there no matter... you are really proving to me you do care and you do want to be in this for the long run... I love you and I look forward to the many more

  2. *+*Hey sweeetheart... Things have been busy for me... I am slowly getting my 1st set of goals done and I am hanging in there... Hopefully soon I can chill and take a small break before I start another small set of goals... How is life on your end of the fence? Wubblez you to pieces and miss you bunches *HUGZ*<3333 Xo0oX*+*

  3. *+*I miss you sweetheart... I hope all is well with you and your loved one *HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  4. *+*I am coming up there on June 27th through July 1st... I cant wait so much fun... I am going to be putting a video together on June 27th at the beach meet up day before EDC... Hope to see you there sweetie... *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  5. *+*Hey whats up? *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  6. *+*Hey Daddy Bear *KISSEZ* I want to thank you for taking care of me and our lil ones while the whole house was sick... You are awesome and I love you!!! <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  7. *+*Hey sweetie *HUGZ* I have not talked to you for a minute... Hope all is well with you and your loved ones... Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  8. Hey sweetheart *HUGZ* I know I should have been at the LA Meet up, It sounded like everyone had fun... I am going to be in Cali on the 27th of June through July 1st... No doubt we are going to kick it... The beach meet up right? If not I will cry *sniffle* LoL Much Love <3333 Xo0oX

  9. *+*LMAO!!! Too Cute *HUGZ* Have a great night and most def keep in touch sweetie <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  10. *+*I am so excited to be preforming at my brother's 18th B-day party tonight!!! This is going to rock socks!!! I CANT WAIT!!! We are going to tare up the floor!!! Have so much fun!!! Yeaha!!! I Love You!! *KISSEZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  11. *+*Hell Yeaha!!! Your Cherry has been popped... LMAO!!! Hope you have a great weekend and dance your ass off!!! Much Love *HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  12. *+*Whats up sweetie? *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  13. *+*I love your video and you have a cute fluffy dog, rock on!!! Seriously keep it up!!! Much Love and Dude I am so excited I was blessed with the idea for the ladies thread... It will give us that lil extra push we need to step out of our comfort bubbles.. Have fun at the meet up *HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  14. *+*Hey sweetheart... How are you? *HUGZ* Miss you and hope all is well <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  15. *+*I am doing better then ever when it comes to me... Just been a busy bee getting my life together and growing into that woman I want to become... Have fun in vegas girl... Dance your heart out *HUGZ* <333 Xo0oX*+*

  16. *+*I Miss You Bunches!!! *HUGZ* How have you been? I hope all is well with you and your loved ones <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  17. *+*Hell Yeah!! That sounds like fun!! Tare it up on Sat. sweetie... *HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  18. *+*Whats up sweetie? *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  19. *+*Hey sweetheart *HUGZ* Thanks for the support on my video even if it is eight months old... I have improved so much since then... I cant wait to post my new video once I get my diggy cam... Hope all is well <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  20. *+*Whats up chicka? *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  21. *+*Whats up sweetie? *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  22. *+*Good Morning Monkey Butt!!! LoL *Kisssez* Hope your week is a great one... I love you bunches babe <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  23. *+*Whats up? *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  24. *+*Whats Up? *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  25. *+*I miss my sugar shortcake *HUGZ* How are you sweetie... I hope all is good and most def keep in touch <3333 Xo0oX*+*