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  1. Yori's Room

    Ohhhhh shit - jin is back! Definitely need to have a meetup soon. Also, who else is going to NY Comic Con? I need a place to crash because i'm picking up the 3-day pass and I really don't feel like making 6 trips in and out of the city...
  2. I spy a spazz!

  3. Status updates? Awesome.

  4. Yori's Room

    Uh, I know none of you lamers are coming out to Infected and Kaskade... so the real question is... WHEN ARE WE CHILLIN', Y'ALL?? My vote is end of May, depending on how my schedule pans out, I should be around the weekends of the 21st / 28th. If you needed any more incentive to head down to the DE crew - i'm driving?
  5. Yori's Room

    Also don't think I will forget this. I will fucking pick up every CC member and make sure a meetup happens. In all seriousness.
  6. Yori's Room

    O_O JiN!!!! The fucking EC is complete once again!
  7. Yori's Room

    Yo on the real, heard the Turok Nigtow is comin' to the EC... shits crazy.
  8. Yori's Room

    Yeah, the same thing I do every weekend - got drunk and took my pants off, what did you do?
  9. Yori's Room

    thats your roomate? dude how tall is he.
  10. Yori's Room

    Sooo. I have alot of video from the karaoke this weekend. Post it raw? Or put it together into an edited masterpiece. Lol.
  11. Yori's Room

    back from Vegas. chyeahhhhh boyee!
  12. Yori's Room

    Amen to this shit. Get presents. Get drunk.
  13. Yori's Room

    ALSO, <---------look at this crazy green shit. O_O
  14. Yori's Room

    that sucks, i'm done after this week. also, I fucking love baby sloths