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  1. I'm so mad that I cant make the meet up cuz i got crap scheduled in the way. But i will mos def see ya inside. This rave I will not not meet gsc people haha

  2. dude, you pm me when i first joined gsc .. back in sept .. hope to see you at edc .. do come to the meetup if you can

  3. right now i'm just slowing down most of the basic moves or ideas i've seen/read about/whatever to get the full motion down. more specifically, smoothing out my trace moves even though i'm a noob, i'm also one who knows how to practice. i'm a musician. and if there's one thing that my teachers have told me that can be applied to any kind of learning is this: take it ssssssssssssssslllllllllllloooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. like slower than you'd ever do at a rave. then slowly build up the tempo until you get it where you want it, or even faster than you'd want to. this way you'll be totally ready for when you want to try it all out at a show. i know that my tendency is to rush the moves once i think i have them mastered and this is a mistake (for both stickers and musicians) because you wont be able to properly execute the move or, worse, practice in a mistake. best of luck to everyone and i hope my babbling helped
  4. Name: most usually call me McCabe Age:17, 18 can't come soon enough Gender:male Location:Los Angeles Interests:playing music (i'm a bassist) Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:whatever's on Musical Interest: Ozomatli, jazz, classical, whatever has a good bass to it Goal in the next 5 years: graduate from college Goal in the next 20 years:have a good enough job to keep me alive If i had a million dollars I would: who knows I am on because: i've just started teaching myself to string and i want to get better Describe yourself: comical, easy-going What do you do for fun? play music, listen to music Random fact about yourself: What you did last weekend: had two gigs and went to a party What you do when you go out: hang, party, play a show, see a show