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  1. Testing

  2. That reminds me of Yosho's or Gio's move. It should be kind of like a pendulum that goes full circle. Your body should look kind of like those jazz dancers doing a 360 spin or if you are doing the "old man" for popping (boogooloo), but sped up
  3. Testing

  4. has tried to explain the thoughts in a thorough manner, but it seems like there is just way too much information going around about why 1) you shouldn't glowstick in high school or your high school dance 2) you shouldn't battle 3) you shouldn't form separate crews Here is a simple pragmatic reason: The most experienced and well-known glowstickers will not help you and will ignore you if you ask for help. In addition, it's a quick way to get banned on Even if you are really young and you don't really understand WHY the rules are such, following these rules tells the older and more experienced glowstickers you are willing to follow the rules. Even if you don't exactly know why, but just trust us for a while, we trust that you will figure out why through personal experience sooner or late. it's inevitable as time goes by and events happen that you find out through real life or on So this means, I'd rather have people who just repeat the lines and follow the rules than those that think they know a lot better (those people never keep going with their glowsticking, because they are fundamentally apart from the main community and thus have no motivation to keep going. once you have a network of friends, people to learn from and exchange ideas, concepts and ideas, you have more of a chance to keep going and not hitting a plateaeu). no one is an island.
  5. - Have some great ideas on how to improve and make GSC useful in a post FB world? Want to help? Know your way around systems like wordpress? Post here! - Looking for people who understand the online world in a professional setting.. like posting content through a CMS like wordpress, or maybe you've done some content moderation, or maybe you are decent at HTML/CSS/PHP blah blah. - Maybe you have a few hours a month to help? - Post ideas here. Some ideas I've heard include a comprehensive directory of Facebook groups, better video gallery, etc.
  6. My AIM is: EYSAN my gtalk/msn/yahoo/email is If you have ANY questions about how the site is run or why things are done a certain way, feel free to hit me up. I can also point you to staff members who can help you with technical questions or point you to specific regional staff members and members who can help you attend your first meetup, etc. If you want me to give you OPINIONS on anything from Apple computers to movies or fashion or food or how to run marathons or climb mountains or how to make it in the real world, hit me up. Also I'm not a glowstringer, I'm a freehander, so if you have questions on any of my freehanding videos, hit me up. Here are some of my videos You can search through all of my videos at once on youtube by clicking on this link:
  7. Wow, I got a Facebook app up and running with Heroku in like 5 minutes. Their tutorials are freaking amazing. Then i typed a simple command and installed add-ons like mysql instantly. And most of it's all free until you get some traffic. As someone who doesn't code all the time, and in the past bit turned off from spending hours setting up server instances and installing everything manually, I can imagine this reigniting my desire to just mess around every day trying something.

  8. Thank you all for the bday wishes. Keep them coming â¤â¤

  9. not my birthday. got pranked.

  10. Gamgnam Style. Oh oh, oh, ohhhh paa, oh pha gangnam style!

  11. You should post your announcements in the articles section:

  12. Add yourself to the member map!!!

  13. because it's an excellent question all around: for predators , they ask this for girls before they hit on them for other rollers, they ask this before they start hanging out massages and light shows for sober people, they want to ask this before they start getting too touchy feely for girls, they want to either know if they want to e-hoe it with you or avoid you for glowstickers, they want to know if they should or should not crack ultras near the general viscnity of your eyes for cops, to see if they should arrest you for medics, to see how they should treat you.
  14. upgrading the board to modern standards....

    1. niuno11


      how can I apear in a collab? please help me

  15. Oh, also I'm a pretty decent popper, tutter, waver, etc, so if you want to shoot the shit on that, I can do that too.
  16. Delete Your Account

    this is until we get it fixed. =D
  17. i'm really too busy to mail you business cards, but if you want to stop by my place at night on a weekday to pick it up, that's fine.

    get on AIM and IM me at EYSAN

  18. we highly encourage to form your own group of friends and to perhaps practice in school AFTER HOURS if there is absolutely no other place to practice or somewhere REALLY PRIVATE. we'd really you stay away from that venue as much as possible, but we understand some people have no options.
  19. Hi there, are you really a cop? I'm the owner of

    Thanks for your support =)

  20. It seems to me that another great reason is that the pioneers of the art don't want it spread in high school, so that's OUR terms. you can choose to ignore us, but we aren't going to let you come onto Feel free to disagree about our policies all you want, but seriously, until you've been sticking for a few years and have people who learn from you and are respected in the community, good luck trying to convince us. Most people who argue simply have no credibility and will never gain it, because they never tend to continue the art. Here is a hypothetical scenario that somehow might lead to accepting glowsticking in high school. Some long time member who has made many new contributions to the field, who is well known as a respected member of the community, starts teaching at a local high school. using his/her knowledge of educational concepts he has gotten from teaching subjects such as history, he formulates a concept for a syllabus and some kind of member based system to make it possible to spread glowsticking in a way that does not dilute the culture. he also brings out a pamphlet and holds an administrator meeting explaining the concepts behind the scene to various teachers so misunderstandings do not result. this scenario fulfills several criterions.-- credibility, expertise in the subject matter in both glowsticking culture AND the mandatory school system and educational concepts for underage minors. note that none of this would work if it was some underage minor in high school attempting to explain to a lax (and intellectually vacant but tolerant) teacher in order to gain the sponsorship needed for a glowsticking club. neither would it work if some random adult teacher decided to take it upon himself to start this-- he would need the consent and approval of the glowsticking community. and honestly, there is no other community with this much contributions to the glowsticking field. but hey, you can try.
  21. my tracing was smooth, my tossing was crap. i should have practiced more at the party =D
  22. It was just so huge... the circle was about 3x bigger than previous years.
  23. Yori's Room

    green ultras are the brightest. i would say about as bright as 30 minute yellows from omniglow. blue ultra is as bright as between a 30 minute yellow omniglow and a 30 minute white. red is okay.... the 30 minute aquas and the 30 minute purples look amazing. not as bright as 30 minute yellows but this slick new color. together they look pretty good. it took me a lot of effort to get these going, so if you like em, buy a lot of it so they keep on making them. unlike the original 30 minute aquas cause nobody bought them.