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  1. Testing

  2. That reminds me of Yosho's or Gio's move. It should be kind of like a pendulum that goes full circle. Your body should look kind of like those jazz dancers doing a 360 spin or if you are doing the "old man" for popping (boogooloo), but sped up
  3. Testing

  4. has tried to explain the thoughts in a thorough manner, but it seems like there is just way too much information going around about why 1) you shouldn't glowstick in high school or your high school dance 2) you shouldn't battle 3) you shouldn't form separate crews Here is a simple pragmatic reason: The most experienced and well-known glowstickers will not help you and will ignore you if you ask for help. In addition, it's a quick way to get banned on Even if you are really young and you don't really understand WHY the rules are such, following these rules tells the older and more experienced glowstickers you are willing to follow the rules. Even if you don't exactly know why, but just trust us for a while, we trust that you will figure out why through personal experience sooner or late. it's inevitable as time goes by and events happen that you find out through real life or on So this means, I'd rather have people who just repeat the lines and follow the rules than those that think they know a lot better (those people never keep going with their glowsticking, because they are fundamentally apart from the main community and thus have no motivation to keep going. once you have a network of friends, people to learn from and exchange ideas, concepts and ideas, you have more of a chance to keep going and not hitting a plateaeu). no one is an island.
  5. - Have some great ideas on how to improve and make GSC useful in a post FB world? Want to help? Know your way around systems like wordpress? Post here! - Looking for people who understand the online world in a professional setting.. like posting content through a CMS like wordpress, or maybe you've done some content moderation, or maybe you are decent at HTML/CSS/PHP blah blah. - Maybe you have a few hours a month to help? - Post ideas here. Some ideas I've heard include a comprehensive directory of Facebook groups, better video gallery, etc.
  6. My AIM is: EYSAN my gtalk/msn/yahoo/email is If you have ANY questions about how the site is run or why things are done a certain way, feel free to hit me up. I can also point you to staff members who can help you with technical questions or point you to specific regional staff members and members who can help you attend your first meetup, etc. If you want me to give you OPINIONS on anything from Apple computers to movies or fashion or food or how to run marathons or climb mountains or how to make it in the real world, hit me up. Also I'm not a glowstringer, I'm a freehander, so if you have questions on any of my freehanding videos, hit me up. Here are some of my videos You can search through all of my videos at once on youtube by clicking on this link:
  7. Where are they now.

    I check and pay the bills for the site, make sure there isn't yet another virus or malware. The truth is that a lot of people prefer to have small talk and party coordination posts through Facebook now. And yes, a lot of the people who pushed the art are older now. But I do pick up the glowsticks every now and then for sure. I have to kind of plan for parties way in advance, and work often gets in the way. In the past EDM was kind of a sub-culture. It's now fully integrated into mainstream culture. There's a lot more awareness and I have a hard time meeting people who haven't been to an EDM event. I don't think it was the drama that pushed people away-- I think did its job. I don't see a lot of crewz and shit now. That battling culture kind of just faded away. Now glowsticking reminds me of late 90s and early 2000s, before everyone rushed in. When I see a new glowsticker at a party, it's genuinely surprising and pleasing. Just like before. All the veterans are still around. It's crazy difficult to keep trying to push the art-- now I just feel more relaxed-- like I don't HAVE to glowstick. That paradoxically makes me enjoy it more. In short, I still got great love for GSC and glowsticking.
  8. About 2 years ago in my non-glowsticking life I was recruited by an internet startup called BeachMint. They asked me to join their company and basically they poached me from my previous company. I was getting bored with the current job I had, and I was hungry for more experience in the whole internet startup thing, so I was like, allright, lets do it. I had no idea how much time investment an actual internet startup would cost me. And not just any startup, but now recognized as a "figurehead" internet startup in the los angeles area. At the time, they didn't have a lot of press, they had maybe 15 people. Immediately after I joined, the entire company took off like a rocket, with celebrity endorsement deals, huge crazy mentions on techcrunch, multiple rounds of millions upon millions in funding. I was working 80 hour weeks pretty consistently for a year or so straight, interacting with celebs, learning about fashion, commerce, etc, etc.. Of course during free days I would take time to make sure the GSC servers were functioning, check the forums every week or so, that there weren't major breakages, but anyone who tried contacting me in the past 2 years could probably tell you that I basically dissapeared off the face of the earth. And I did. And at first it was very intentional. I was basically very burnt out after almost 10 years of dealing with all the drama, infighting, and children thinking battling is some kind of right. Who don't even know what battling is. Who don't understand the scene. So I took a break. And I kept a real close eye on things. ... and things were okay. Turns out, people eventually just figure out as they get wiser, older, and more confident that they don't need to prove anything, and that the basic art of glowsticking is enough and to get better you need to hang out with people who like it too. And you don't get to hang out with people you try to make a statement against. So I got into the professional thing, worked really really hard and built a team career wise. But you know what's funny? A lot of people at my company are EDM heads. And I used to be the youngest. But now at 30, I'm like relatively old in this company. And they all know about glowsticking. And all the c-level execs also know about glowsticking. Co-founder is actually younger than I am. And I fucking miss glowsticking. I went to burning man, and it was great. It was nice to not have internet for a week. And when I got back to work, it was a lot of stress, sure, that seemed like the tipping point for when my time started becoming more free, and getting better every day. And I need to fucking glowstick. I'm going to start doing some upgrades to the forum to make shit easier to use. Not sure if we can ever get to the same level of activity. 2 years ago, FB started to dominate everyone's time, and it still holds true today. I need to figure out how to make the transition easier. A lot of changed in 2 years tech wise. But one of the things I'm going to do first is probably get rid of all the ads. I can afford the server costs on my own now. Anyway, to those that don't know who I am. I am Cynicdave, and I founded
  9. Wow, I got a Facebook app up and running with Heroku in like 5 minutes. Their tutorials are freaking amazing. Then i typed a simple command and installed add-ons like mysql instantly. And most of it's all free until you get some traffic. As someone who doesn't code all the time, and in the past bit turned off from spending hours setting up server instances and installing everything manually, I can imagine this reigniting my desire to just mess around every day trying something.

  10. Where are they now.

    Well, Wes has a kid now. I posted a lot for almost 10 years. I think that's pretty good. But sometimes you got responsibilities, son. I suspect most other people that are older have this sort of thing going on. I see a lot of people who were mental fuckups 5 years ago doing real well now and it makes me happy. I'm working my fucking ass off too. Career is different even for someone like me who will willingly work 80 hours a week when you get promoted to upper management. Now I have to do well or people get fired and their lives ruined for a bit.
  11. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    Yay, holiday time and can work on this more. Maybe I can get some time to practice. I think I got the spam problem fixed for the most part, do you guys agree?
  12. Thank you all for the bday wishes. Keep them coming â¤â¤

  13. not my birthday. got pranked.

  14. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    Yup, implemented the latest in capcha technology. try registering for an account and you'll see the test. working on skin design, etc now. this one was only 15 bucks and it's pretty fucking clean.
  15. Gamgnam Style. Oh oh, oh, ohhhh paa, oh pha gangnam style!

  16. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    Okay, I think everyone should be working correctly, at least in a default mode. ASIDE FROM THE LOOK AND FEEL, how is it working right now?
  17. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    Well that took awhile. Had to buy the latest version, and then upgrade everything. Still working on this. yeah, we can't just open up access to the front-page. then anyone could just post. but maybe it could be redditstyle, I don't know. i'm working on upgrading the site right now. i'll get to everyone's concern once we get more shit working
  18. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    oh darn, we still have kids who have to prove their worth in a dance circle?
  19. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    Cody you could just post that to the front page, no? like.. on
  20. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    will fix later What kind of major changes could there be?
  21. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    shit. not sure what i did. are you guys seeing this?
  22. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    yeah, that's a really functional layout. very streamlined.. hrm yeah, that's a really functional layout. very streamlined.. hrm Keep the ideas coming, or any thoughts, of any kind, just type it here. I need to study this the next few days and yeah, personalization and stuff makes stuff fun and it's what makes this unique, right? Okay. Will not get rid of those. I'm typing fast here so sorry if I skip thoughts,. @aqua i agree, people should be able to maintain their individual type stuff. that's worth keeping
  23. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    Actually, I'm really digging the white background for the pen-spinning forum. man. i used to hate lighter background, but everything has kind of changed as monitors improved, etc. now on my lcd the text i'm typing looks TINY. But seriously, what do you guys want to see? Just post examples of discussions and stuff and looks clean and easy enough to interact with
  24. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    I can try loading up the default template for a bit, after I upgrade invisionboard software to newest.. turn it on for a few hours. default one might just be easier to use? do you guys want to give it a try, maybe in a few hours? reason I say that is that all the reg links and stuff were kinda custom made... maybe the newest version of invisionboard has a much more intuitive process? we could use the new updated layout as a starting template
  25. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    This is where facebook-only login becomes somewhat interesting-- facebook has stricter registration requirements these days, and the historical reason for why registration is so hard is because we have massive spam bot attacks whenever we loosen it up. Something to think about. ;ink me to very active forums on the internet please, so i can check them out.