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    I still love you guys.
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    Are you still here? I am! Glowsticking for life!
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    It seems like all the people who were newbies when I first joined are either super inactive or just left the site in favor of facebook groups.... I want to rekindle the site as well. I actually just made a thread in this section of the forums offering to do live tutorials on skype in hopes of getting newbies to "stick" around. Willing to learn? I'm willing to teach.
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    I just wanted everyone to know that I'm still here, I've just been dealing with a myriad of health problems that make it hard to get much accomplished throughout the day. The brief moments I feel well enough to be up and about I'm usually practicing new moves though (in 5 - 20min increments :/ ), so I've slowly been improving here and there, and I'm trying to stay motivated. It's really frustrating that right after I began glowstringing seriously was when I developed all of these problems, but such is life I guess. Looking at it more positively, my lack of energy has given me ample time to think about ideas of how to help ensure the continuance of GSC & glowstringing culture, and I've also thought of several interesting topics that I want to organize into new forum posts. I really want to help promote and enrich GSC and the culture in any way I possibly can; my recent health issues have become a serious point of contention by interfering with that intent.
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    Hello fellow new(er-ish) stringer! About 7 months under my belt here. Or well, I'll say in my sleeve since I don't really wear belts. But kemicalU4ia is right! I'm here to stay. I know I've got at LEAST four more years to, what with SLO GLO and all. And I'm not planning on jumping ship... ever.