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  2. What: Where: NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA 92408 When: November 22 & 23, 2019 Why: Glowsticking friends... also BEST LINEUP EVER IMO Going: Aqua
  3. Above & Beyond return to the site of their much-eulogised Group Therapy 250 celebrations this July. Join a cast of Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep stars plus 25 000 members of the Anjunafamily for two nights of music in one of the world’s greatest outdoor venues. Going: Aqua doodlesticks Cody Wushu Raver
  4. Expansions NYC Curated by Louie Vega JOIN US FOR THIS SPECIAL MID SUMMER EDITION ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 24th While Louie Vega is away, his family comes to hold it down at Expansions NYC. Come expand your mind with the sounds of Josh Milan, Jihad Muhammad & Ritmo y Tumbao. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SURPRISES MAY HAPPEN AT EXPANSIONS. YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO BE THERE! Expansions NYC Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 10pm – 4am @ Doux Supper Club 59 West 21 Street Between 5th & 6th Avenue
  5. As long and as weird as possible. Over the years that I've been stringing and taking breaks and coming back etc... I always come back to wrap combos and how fun they are. They just FEEL good. I'd say the "goal" is to keep it going and add in other concepts I learn into them. Like, I'll say "cheating" a combo would be one stick spinning a beat behind me while one is still wrapping and then continuing the combo. So, using what I just said for my goal, I'll use that beat to antispin into a different square (9square Theory) and then continue the combo in that different location of my overall space. Apply that to any other concepts I learn along the way. Manipulations, I'm finding, are more and more like mini wrap combos where I need to keep track of the tangles for an exit, should it present itself. I'll admit, though, that with how popular light shows are nowadays and how lazer-focused people are on ranking others and themselves that the ego definitely bleeds into and at times takes over the original passion that I had. I lose focus on my relationship with my sticks and strings and I start to enjoy it so much less. The crazy/sad part is that I don't notice it until I'm already there and either get a shock out of it or I find some other reminder. It's tough these days to have a personal connection with your flow when so many people are in it for the, in my opinion, the wrong reasons...
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  7. Make an event page!
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  15. I find it really amusing that the Contact Methods options are so ancient in the profile settings. At least MySpace managed to go in the Previous Fields section
  16. Hey guys! Haven't looked past 2019 yet, but I plan on going to Dreamstate SoCal in November
  17. Suuuup man. Time flies. Glad to see I'm not the only one who decided to check in on stuff. Hopefully should be posting a video soon. Gotta get some of this rust off lol To anyone reading this, anyone hitting up any festivals in the 2020 season?
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  19. Holy shit. Call out to the old heads

    What up caps
  20. Am I too late?

    Man the time flies. Here I am 3 years later tripping down nostalgia lane and I can't even remember what video I posted and the account is removed... I ordered some ultras and I'm gonna try to shoot a respectable video soon. Whoever is reading this - I love you guys.
  21. I guess that makes me a no one AND a ghost. For me, glowsticking is something special and I wouldn't bust it out for a quick minute of fame or to win a prize. If you have, you haven't committed some kind of unforgivable crime. I just think there are places where glowsticking fits and places it doesn't fit and recognizing the right and wrong time to glowstick takes maturity. Everything in its right place, yeah? Not everyone's first exposure to glowsticking is in a rave setting but the values held here on this forum are deeply rooted in rave culture which is why we have resources available to help people understand that perspective. Talent shows (especially where prizes are offered) tend to have a competitive nature. I don't vibe like that personally. I just wanna learn how to cut shapes/patterns and teach anyone who is interested in learning the art.
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  23. What: Summer Glow Glowsticking Retreat Where: Covina, CA When: Friday afternoon July 12 - Monday morning July 15 How: Facebook message Aqua for full details
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  26. Tuesday, July 9th, 6-11pm REDness presents Salsa, Classics, Disco, Dance! --------------------- Join us for a NEW STYLE HUSTLE CLASS led by Jeff Selby from 6-7pm. $20 (includes party) General admission $5 b4 7pm / $10 after 2 4 1 Drink Specials Free pitcher of Sangria w/purchase of 2 appetizers
  27. Oh hey look! I'm a "senior member" now. Sup everyone?
  28. Getting all nostalgiac for the good ol GSC days. Thought I'd update everyone on what's been up.

    Lots of growing up has happened. Engagement broke off, which is whatever, but things settle out and get better with time.

    Might be going to EDC 2020! Would be super stoked to see any of you all there!

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