Cafe Intellect: Serious Thoughts

Topics and items that you think should deserve thoughtful discussion. Responses having more than one word are strongly encouraged. Please respect this forum. "Serious" relationship topics should go in the Therapy Central forum.

Rules of this Forum

if you are going to make a bold statement, provide evidence or at least a logical explaination for them. most topics disscussed here have no right or wrong answer, so give a reason for your opinion.Personal attacks of any kind will not be respectful. acting like a munchkin will get you treated as such. be supportive, although you may view one person's problem as trivial, to them, it may actually be a life or death issue. sometimes, we all need to simply agree to disagree. finally, there are no right or wrong answers, only opinions. so avoid the "you're wrong and are goig to burn in hell" or "well, you are just stupid" retorts when you don't like what someone has to say. no matter how hard you try, you cannot make someone agree with you if they don't see it that way. Avoid intellectual dead-endsTry avoid using phrases like, "it's useless talking to you!" or "you are all one-sided and my opinions can't change you". Instead, follow the ways of socrates and try to INCREASE discussion by asking questions. Be OPEN-MINDED. This is just a forum and you are unlikely you will change anyone elses viewpoints, but you may learn a thing or two. Hypothetically accept viewpoints now and then for the sake of discussion and to fully understand their viewpoints.Try to type on a level that's somewhat formal. Abreviations or slang words are not recommended because people will just not take you seriously.Avoid cursing and slander.DO reference your thoughts with links and outside references for people to peruse. That will encourage a sideways debate.If a debate spurns a new side-debate, make a new thread, and be kind enough to link to the new thread.Be DESCRIPTIVE in your topic descriptions.PROOF-READ! Absolute correctness is not necessary, but people should at least get what you are saying.