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  2. the first glowstringing video i ever saw and what got me into it was the stinkowicz video with the dj kamikaze video i remember blue sticks and a long orbital, i would do nearly anything to see this video again, if anybody has it or knows someone who can get it or if , stinkowicz himself even still has it i would be very enthused
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  4. Not sure if people remember me. I went by the username djestone on the east coast. Used to chat with MadRaverRai, Jin, Cleric, Spazzman back in the day. I had a big nostalgia blast hit me and thought I'd go digging into the forums and see what I can find. I am seeing sooooo many familiar names and brought back so many great memories. I think there was a video of me up on youtube on the channel but it's been taken down. I can't find any of my old videos. Does anyone that come to these forums still have it? I would love to see them again! Dave are you still around? Any chance you have a copy of it? Also, thought I would share here. I practiced so much glowsticking in high school, my senior year I participated in a talent show for the Hispanic Youth Symposium and won! I got a $2,000 scholarship with my glowstringing skills (although I was a free hander). You can see my video from back then here, not sure if I ever posted. Hope I can reconnect with some old friends. I joined the FB Group too!
  5. New Wave Here 2 Stay

    My first time I visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff on your forum, especially its discussion. thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. downward facing dog
  6. They have string loops on most of them. I was interested in the extra large 15" sticks. Looks like they would be a blast to use.
  7. Hello everyone! I currently own a discord server for glowsticking. We are doing a collab for all the members currently in the server. All details are in the #announcements channel. Please join if you are interested!
  8. Hello everyone! I currently own a discord server for glowsticking. We are doing a collab for all the members currently in the server. All details are in the #announcements channel. Please join if you are interested!
  9. New Beans

    I personally use Extreme Glow and bulk order Revs
  10. They doesn't look like they have anywhere to attach strings to. I have never bought from this site before.
  11. There's a glowsticking discord channel! Join and chat with other fellow glowstickers
  12. Anyone use "Northern Lights" glow products? I was looking at this bundle: 15" glow stick?!?!! They say it's the biggest on the market. I wonder if that's true? Looks like it might be worth trying out.
  13. I did this shit for talent show at one point in life and I knew the rules and I broke it still. Is there room for redemption and retry or am I banned like a noob for making a noob mistake? Respect -TranceNRG
  14. lol yeah i noticed that after i posted
  15. As you can tell, it's pretty much dead, but I remember you.
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  17. Hey guys I used to be a member from way back. I just did 13 years in the oklahoma dept of corrections. I see dave and wes are still around. Anybody else I remember from back in the day. Yeah Im still into this stuff, got into street dancing in the pen. Getting too heavy to be a bboy. Man it feels great to be out. I notice my username is still active from back in 2005? crazy can someone explain that cuz this is the first time i been to site in 13+ years. Anyways hello guys
  18. Thursday, May 3rd, 10pm-4am REDness presents SOULGASM-The NYC Finale Farewell & Aloha DJ Brian Coxx Please JOIN US this Thursday night, May 3rd for a very special Aloha edition of Soulgasm.....THIS WILL BE THE FINAL Soulgasm IN NYC....FOR NOW, a musical send-off to DJ Brian Coxx who has decided to move to Hawaii! We hope to see many of you Thursday as we dance, celebrate and bid Brian farewell on his journey. He will be playing for us all night![/IMG] Common Ground 63 Gansevoort Street NYC Join on facebook:
  19. Hey all old fam. Its been far too long. I cracked some Cyalumes for new shells for my LEDs. It was a few months since I picked up strings and forever since i spun glowsticks with juice. I'm used to near weightless stringing now and this was like running in mud. This is a test of the camera recorded in my basement and with Nitron DJing live remotely. I'll probably do another one this weekend with some more lighting.
  20. New Beans

    Cyalume was always the brand we used. Later was also popular. Amazon appears to have good prices on the cyalume sticks.
  21. Hi people, New dude here. I was looking for help on reddit but the subreddit was pretty empty. Are any of the purchase links on the site still valid and recommended? Only reason I ask is that they're 9 years old. I've tried to get a pair of duds from the Walmart and Dollar Tree around me, but they felt really light compared to those that my friend had a while back.
  22. Man, it's been a long time since I've been here and been around. I got my start here a loooong time ago, when I was in the 8th grade or so. I started with free hand, and picked up glowstringing. That evolved into poi about four years ago, and eventually into my new passion -- gloving. I hope you all enjoy this video.
  23. My fire poi set is in and I love them! The Technora have a much more string-like feel to them and don't bother me at all when holding them directly with the knobs... speaking of the knobs! Totally worth the $40 extra. They are a fun touch to make them feel unique and standout from the other usual fire poi sets I've seen. I need to start learning moves to utilize them more! They have all sorts of color settings, but I find the yellow solid color setting looks the nicest when I'm spinning with fire. It can sometimes be difficult to press the button on the knobs, but I think that's just me having weak thumbs haha. As far as the small monkey fists, I am totally happy with the size of the fire. It might just be a fire culture thing to care about large flames, but coming from glowsticks, the weight trade isn't worth it for me. I find I can spin much longer without getting tired and I can spin faster than I had been able to with past poi sets I've tried out. I'm still getting used to spinning fire, but I highly recommend this config if you are looking into buy fire poi. Here's a quick clip of me spinning them and not being very good lol: Also a snapchat I took of them when I first got them newFirePoi.mp4
  24. Old school free hand

    It says video is unavailable
  25. IT'S ALIVE!

    Time to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  26. IT'S ALIVE!

    Thank you Xepher! That means a lot and welcome to GS.c! If you have any questions or happen to be in socal, let me know! I want to make videos again, so keep an eye out haha
  27. IT'S ALIVE!

    Aqua! I've been a big fan of your videos for a long time! I'm a new member to the glowsticking community so its a pleasure to see you here. Thank you Dave for making this happen again!
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