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  2. IT'S ALIVE!

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  4. IT'S ALIVE!

    I'm definitely enjoying the new look. Nice job Dave!
  5. Ontario and beyond

    Does "beyond" include the Winnipeg area? Cause that's where I am
  6. Ontario and beyond

    Now that the forums are back up and running, I wanted to start this thread to rally anyone in the area, feel free to hit me up!
  7. IT'S ALIVE!

    I wanted to throw out a a big THANK YOU, to Dave for getting the site and forums back up and running!
  8. Contradiction?

    Actually. This is what I've learned, Since we have guns now. The pen is fucking useless, So speak. The truth. Even if your scared to. Because you'll never know if, this is your last chance too.
  9. Over the years I've continued to string. It's been great. I've stayed away from all communities, all of them. Never got into festivals and stopped clubbing all together. All in all y'all taught me the most valuable lesson of all. No matter what you do. Someone will dislike it. A few of our friends lost their battle with cancer, our group has been the same. Needless to say I still see some of them from time to time. We don't do anything. Just hi and bye, hope the pain gets better. Joe, probably will never touch a set of strings again. His best friend died. All we have left are the years of pictures everyone took when they were hanging out. Energy has been dead for years, it's a strip club now. I still love stringing, even if it's just me, the strings and the music.
  10. Been a long time 

  11. That reminds me of Yosho's or Gio's move. It should be kind of like a pendulum that goes full circle. Your body should look kind of like those jazz dancers doing a 360 spin or if you are doing the "old man" for popping (boogooloo), but sped up
  12. Name: Mark Gender: male Location: US Ethnicity: human Hobbies: kayaking, skydiving, swimming, camping and dancing Brief: Hi everyone. I'm good and non-hostile. Let us unite the world with love.
  13. Old school free hand

    awesome man! nice to see a new video posted.
  14. A bunch of us will be at this event if anyone is interested.
  15. Elastic Beatz is bringing a new Episode to one of Brooklyn’s most favorite venues, TBA Brooklyn. We are focused exclusively on presenting a quality selection of local and international talent. A great deal of continual exploration and angling delivers elements that when well organized can create a perfect vibe. On June 29th we will be featuring our homies Nu Sky (Hot Creations) and Kofman (Love & Family). So you can except to hear freshly filtered and exquisitely selected tunes with a creative twist of skillful techniques that flow thru like a story for everyone to experience. The night will be introduced by Elastic Beatz very own Artists Lyand and Duckhunter. They will set down the groundwork with a sharpened artistic touch over the next few episodes. What: | Nu Sky (Hot Creations) | Kofman (Love & Family) | Duckhunter (OnOff Recording) | Lyand (Tip Tap Records) When: | Thursday, June 29th (10PM) Where: | TBA Brooklyn | 395 Wythe Ave | Brooklyn, NY 11249
  16. Omg I forgot how much fun it is to glowstick it's been about 6yrs since I've been on here.
  17. Post Whore Family V2

    I'll update you on the next meetup we have. most of us only attend the big events now since we are getting old and lazy you in L.A, I.E. or S.D? we just had a small meetup of 6 of us in West Covina yesterday. It was fun.
  18. Post Whore Family V2

    I am in Cali( SoCal) as well but have not had too much luck running into other stringers. Out of the last three undergrounds I attended, only one had stringers present. I sometimes feel dated when I string or feel like when I am stringing it is a homage to an era gone by. That's good to hear, if I stick around long enough maybe I will attend the next one. Last GSC event I went to was the LA Glowshop. Hey! You couldn't be more correct, the little victories make it all worth it sometimes.
  19. Ppl i need friends hit me up lol plur i gots to keep spinning 

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    2. tug


      Makes sense. Are there any local poi spinners? a lot of us in cali spin both, more people to hangout with. how long have you been stringing? I'm on 3 years. 

    3. djrockit89


      sorry for the long response time but on and off 5 years but still consider myself a newbie 

    4. tug


      Me too! :) there is always so much to learn. 

  20. Post Whore Family V2

    Phenom. Long time. Oklahoma is still Oklahoma. Pretty sure the rave scene is none existent. However I've introduced a coworker/haunter to fire poi and she used it last year. Little victories.
  21. Soooo about to string it up need to get back to bassxs 

  22. Post Whore Family V2

    Everything is going good here in cali. Stringing is still going here, we just had an awesome retreat called Brooms. I think there is a video of last years on one of the forums. Stringing!!! Tug out.
  23. Well cant seem to stay away from new mexico glad to see gsc back up people be free to hit me up 

  24. Post Whore Family V2

    Man, I haven't been here in ages. Had to make a new account because I lost the email account associated with my login. (yeah its been that long don't judge!) I went by the name Phenomenon on here. How's life been guys? How's the sticking/stringing scene?
  25. just got a new orange formula for their revolutions that is pretty legit.
  26. Brooms

    We swept again!
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