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  2. Omg I forgot how much fun it is to glowstick it's been about 6yrs since I've been on here.
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  4. I'll update you on the next meetup we have. most of us only attend the big events now since we are getting old and lazy you in L.A, I.E. or S.D? we just had a small meetup of 6 of us in West Covina yesterday. It was fun.
  5. I am in Cali( SoCal) as well but have not had too much luck running into other stringers. Out of the last three undergrounds I attended, only one had stringers present. I sometimes feel dated when I string or feel like when I am stringing it is a homage to an era gone by. That's good to hear, if I stick around long enough maybe I will attend the next one. Last GSC event I went to was the LA Glowshop. Hey! You couldn't be more correct, the little victories make it all worth it sometimes.
  6. Ppl i need friends hit me up lol plur i gots to keep spinning 

    1. tug


      hello, not many spinners in new mexico?

    2. djrockit89


      There probably are just dont have much of a night life any more 

    3. tug


      Makes sense. Are there any local poi spinners? a lot of us in cali spin both, more people to hangout with. how long have you been stringing? I'm on 3 years. 

  7. Phenom. Long time. Oklahoma is still Oklahoma. Pretty sure the rave scene is none existent. However I've introduced a coworker/haunter to fire poi and she used it last year. Little victories.
  8. Soooo about to string it up need to get back to bassxs 

  9. Everything is going good here in cali. Stringing is still going here, we just had an awesome retreat called Brooms. I think there is a video of last years on one of the forums. Stringing!!! Tug out.
  10. Well cant seem to stay away from new mexico glad to see gsc back up people be free to hit me up 

  11. Man, I haven't been here in ages. Had to make a new account because I lost the email account associated with my login. (yeah its been that long don't judge!) I went by the name Phenomenon on here. How's life been guys? How's the sticking/stringing scene?
  12. just got a new orange formula for their revolutions that is pretty legit.
  13. We swept again!
  14. I miss you too ;3
  15. This is still an occurring event! Awesome that its almost been two years. That's awesome!
  16. Also I want mom back Adriillf. You need to kiss and make up.
  17. I miss my old post whores
  18. pssssssss...... hey you. hi.

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    2. Demo


      i'm kind of a barfly...
      glowfly, if you will

    3. tug


      Does that mean you only last five minutes...

      tehe :D

    4. Demo


      much MUCH shorter

  19. This second Brooms was even better then the first. I can't wait to re-watch all of the footage as it is posted. So excited for next year. Thanks for making that video of the first year. Still can't believe I had a dead stick. so sad
  20. LAME!!! the links are no good right now :/
  21. I stringed all over my campus whenever i wanted and where i wanted. Screw them. I'm never going to see any of them again anyways. Idk, i guess i just don't care about people seeing me string since i'm use to also spinning poi in public. people are going to judge no matter what; if it's a nice day, go enjoy it and spin outside. Walking in between classes was fun. I would practice one hand spirals as i walked and it was a good way to pass the time. Just don't sell it past what it is. If people asked what i was doing i would say "spinning glowsticks, its fun. Want to try?" then they would try, fail, we luagh and i keep going. Although, with how big the EDM scene has blown up now that is probably why it is easier. Ive been stringing for three years now.
  22. what what in the ... whoops.
  23. Name: Tug Age: 26 Gender: sword swinger Location: socal Interests: prop manipulation. reading, politics Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: depends on my mood Musical Interest: Good beat Goal in the next 5 years: Debt free Goal in the next 20 years: Millionaire What turns you on about the opposite sex: Ummm.... butt and things only my wife knows ;p If i had a million dollars I would: Invest it and then retire a rich man I am good at: ehh... School (if applicable): Up to a masters degree Work (if applicable):Teacher I am on because: glowsticking... duh! My website/picutures are located:huh? Describe yourself: Platypus What do you do for fun? spin things Random fact about yourself: I can sleep anywhere What you did last weekend: Brooms What yo do when you go out: string at clubs, parks or the beach Are you in a relationship? Married Are you looking to be in a relationship? Married
  24. oh whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
  25. wow photon miss you buddy its been forever i started cracking sticks recently as well good to see you back at it again
  26. god this post whoring stuff reminds me of some old times
  27. kinda want a video to see exactly what you talking about
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